Starbits & Cold Pizza #15 - Progress Update

Hey Rockstars,

Hope you all having a good day so far! Here's to a great week ahead. Here's my update on yesterdays Rising star activity.

Anyway, let me get to my update before is lose track.

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Been spazzing ut this Sunday and doing a bit of beach bumming. so didn't play much. i did manage to make at least 2k in starbits so that's pretty cool! Also played a few music lessons to increase the skill point.s Drunk fans are becoming a problem and i need to get my skills levelled up. Slowly stacking those starbits to get to millionaire status.

Cold slices still working like magic! Got me spinning decks like

Stats Are Good


Busy day yesterday so I didn't play as much as I always do, Missed the prompts to restart the missions. But I was having fun in the sun at the bach! So my rank dropped slightly. But I'm still way ahead of @minimining and that's all that really matters ;)

  • Rank: 163
  • Personal Best: 167
  • Level: 48
  • 68 Cards
  • 3077 permanent fans
  • 560 Luck
  • 4919 Skills (+45)
  • Ego: 4625
  • 40 IM
  • Total Missions: 1190
  • Starbits Millionaire progress: 33.3%

Starbits Pricing:


Starbits seem stable from yesterday. still super cheap so stacking what I can!

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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Rising Star Resources & Giveaways

I found these resources by other players quite useful, so thought I would share:

Cool Resources for tips & Tricks:

From Other Players:

Rising Star Giveaways

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  • Follow @gribbles. He runs a monthly record listening chain and is now giving away a free rising star instrument as a prize.
  • Follow @musicuniversity for his skill card giveaways. (to be confirmed if this is weekly).

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Laugh a lot when I saw the pic of leaderboard. Like - I am the lowest point. But you know I am coming soon. Today I bought TWO cards for total 1200 starbits.
I am at level 49,90 now

Thats a pretty good buy. Are you Stalking the market for cheap cards?

Almost at 50 then you going to be Mr Millionaire!! Whoop whoop!

I am not sure about my next move. Have only been focus at this millonarie card. Have not got it yet. THEN I will make som mathematic and see what I am going for.

Cold slice pizza is a must! Great help in making faster progress in the game!

My tip?
Hmm.. as I'm addicted to RS, I'm using my mobile phone for doing missions when I'm not at home... :)


thats a good idea. I also have it open in my browser in mobile so I hear that money-sound when a mission is ready. So I can start a new one directly.

Totally addicted. The sound of money prob makes you super happy!

Have you gotten minishark to play yet?

He just want to listen to the sound of money. Just now he only play agaria and brawlstars. I can not understand why - no money in that games.. Oh yes it is money-out. A LOT OUT

Yeah I totally do this myself. All of us are addicts man. But some days, like yesterday, it feels good not be ruled by the rockstar life. Life can't always be about cards, starbits and rock 'n roll lol

Nice post "Queen of GIFs", ouch those drunks, you can put them into the whisky bottle like a "genius" 😂 have you got any?


Lol I'm gald someone enjoys my gifs as much as I do.

Drunks hey, they are annoying in real life and annoying in the game lol. I don't have a whiskey bottle just yet. But it's on my list to buy. Still stacking bits to get to that millionaire life!

Don't you have any? sure? Check it again please!!!

Whaaaat! Thanks so much, dude! you are far too kind!! I really didn't expect that!

Cool, let's see if we can control those annoying drunks now 😄

lol the curse of a rock star hey LOL

I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to get that ego down -->

Thanks for the mention - it's a bit quiet over on my record blog at the moment, so if folk pop over and reply with a number, there's a good chance of winning a HP delegation and instrument card -->

You know what? I was actually meaning to get back to you on this. Your theory doesn't seem to pan out for me. My starbits rewards get throttled immediately, 1‰ owe as you up. There are some other factors at play getting you to that sweet spot. We need to take a closer look.

Thanks for that bit of info. Will head down to pick a number soon and reblog as well.

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Glad you enjoyed the beach. Everybody needs go get away sometimes (even from gaming).

My tip - Find somebody that is an active content creator and a bit ahead of you (but not too far) and follow them so you can glean pertenant information from their posts that will help you progress faster.

Great tip hey! I 100% agree. But also you can learn from anyone's post, even those behind you!

I guess that goes hand-in-hand with building relationships with fellow active game players. It becomes a two way conduit of helpful information. But you have to admit the higher level players generally have more experience to draw from (and therefore a higher likelihood of having valuable tips, tricks, and tactics to pass along).

Definitely, but don't underestimate the student becoming the master. We all have different strategies, thought processors and look at things very differently. Thus we figure out different tactics. We also have different goals in the game, so if I'm not focussing X but you are I can totally learn from your experience.

Life is purely subjective and so is experience. Like in every community in life, everyone has a role to play. And all our roles are important. The same applies to our RS community. We are stronger together. And one cannot exist without the other. But I digress and am getting too philosophical now...

(shuffles feet and runs away to make coffee)