Another Brick In The Wall - Rising Star Journal #13

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Hello #risingstar Mega Stars!

Today I wanted to chat just a bit about #STARBITS and the money side of Rising Star.

STARBIT Earnings

As you probably know, you earn STARBITS, a Hive based token, when you play Rising Star. At my current level I can earn around 4000 STARBITS on a good day, which is a bit more than 1 HIVE per day. It isn't much really, but it is one more HIVE in my stake.

One more brick in my wall.

STARBITS - Another Brick In The Wall

Growth on HIVE takes time, but every bit of HP we earn builds our holdings and our upvote rewards. Every brick helps build our wall.

Community Support

And STARBIT rewards are only a small part of the reward in being a Rising Star player. The community support is the best I've seen on Hive. I'm a curation trail member too and am happy to be providing support to my fellow Rising Star fans.


New to Rising Star? I am going to give a free Doris card to the first person who signs up for free to play using my referral link and asks for the card in the comments. It is that easy!



Starbits may be small now, but this game is taking off so fast. More players coming in and more investment. Stack them now so thty can pay off later!

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Hey @playbyhive, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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Great post! Have some !wine maybe...

or is it !BEER and !WINE?