RisingStar Progress Update | Reached Level 45

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all doing great.

I want to share my #risingstar progress with you. This is the daily update on the game. If you have not played this game and want to join, then you can also use my referral link.

I have reached level 45 today and have unlocked the Acoustic Tent mission. But I have not done any. Excited to perform one soon. I haven't purchased any new cards.


My Stats

stats 12-1.PNG

level 12-1.PNG

I have 261 cards, with 10K+ fans and 11K+ skills. Just look at that shiny Ziggy there. This has to be my most valuable possession in the game right now. Anyway, I have finally reached level 45 and unlocked the "Acoustic Tent" mission 🎸 🎸.

I took a big decision today and sold my 140K starbits for hive. Starbit price has risen for the past few days mostly because of the crashing of hive prices...? Anyway, I converted my Starbits to swap.hive, might buy starbits later at a lower price... I believe so.

My Future Goal - Reaching level 50


Missions Completed

Below are the missions that I have completed so far in the game:

missions 12-1.PNG

MissionTimes Completed
Illegal Busking152
Open Mic Night142
Mid Week Support73
Licensed Busking15
Midweek Headline Slot33
Saturday Support22
Saturday Headline34
Radio Interview36
Radio Studio Session32
Shopping Mall91
Record a Demo11
Acoustic Tent0
Local Mini Tour Support0
Band Auditions0
Basic Singing Lesson25
Guitar Lesson60
Production Lesson23
Special Missions202
Total Missions951

So I have completed 951 missions already, just 49 to go for the 1000 missions achievement. That's gonna be a huge milestone for me. I have not been active today and forgot to do missions and also took a few more production lessons. So, my Starbits earning was not great for today.


rankings 12 -1.PNG

I managed to grab the 370th spot on the leaderboard. Under 400 is an achievement for me. Let's see how far can I climb the leaderboard.

Hope to become a global megastar some day😀




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Awesome fans you've got⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I don't know what i rank or how to check😃

You can check your rankings but click on trphy (🏆) icon the top and then rankings. 🙃

Ah alright
Ill check immediately, thank you 😃🤘

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