Paula Reduces Her Fees - Now Proportional To Your Mission Earnings


Paula has been struggling a bit to get her runner business back up and running after being in lockdown for so long so she has decided to change her fees!

She will now charge you between 0.01 and 1 STARPRO per mission.

The calculation is based on how much you make from a 5 minute mission.

For those of you who like the maths here is how she calculates your fee:

  • Your maximum STARBITS for Illegal Busking divided by 2
  • Converted to HIVE at 0.00025 HIVE per 1 STARBITS
  • Converted to STARPRO at 1 STARPRO = 1 HIVE

She really hopes that some of the smaller players will now be able to afford her services and she looks forward to welcoming you.

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How nice of u thank u :)



@risingstargame! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tlundy47.

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great news! I hope to have Paula in my collection soon

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She's waiting for your call!

nice one, helping the little guys. Paula has a kind heart!

Today's busker is tomorrow's superstar!

Paula reduces her rates !!! This is incredible, I hope that more people are encouraged and use their services, it is a good update

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She hopes so too!

It becomes more interesting to use this card.

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esto esta increíble , asi si que nos facilita a los nuevos poder usarla , ya que la tarifa por el uso es mas baja

Thanks a lot for the new change 😄
You guys are very considerate!

You're welcome.

Funnily enough I was just doing the maths on this when I was out this afternoon and thinking that it didn't make sense for me to use her.

Then I come home and find her price is reduced. Now she might get a look in. 😂

Although I'm still not convinced about the bidding on the missions. It might work out cheaper to just buy them from the market the way things are going. 😂

I agree. There is a sweet spot where the bids are cheaper than the market but obviously that changes depending on the market price and the number of people bidding. Trying to figure that out is all part of the fun!

Trying to figure that out is all part of the fun!

Indeed. Time of day is going to be critical. I see Paleshelter has now arrived so all bets are off. 😂

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Great, thanks!

Nice to know that and thanks again for listening your players :)

Hey, the link on the game to the Instagram profile is not working!

It take me to this

no disponible.png

This page is not available.