Rising Star - New Cards, Easter Mission, April Fools Joke & An Apology


New Cards

It's a new month which means new cards!
You will see all the new cards on your cards page and they are now available in packs.

L14 Billy Korg.png

We are really pleased to say that Billy Korg (@nupulse) is now immortalised as a legendary card! Billy is the guy behind all the card designs and other graphical elements in the game and is also a very talented producer of electronic music. You can check out a selection of his Dub tracks below but he also does a lot of collaborations with other independent musicians in other styles.

Rares Print Limit Change

Due to the high number of rare cards that went out of print during the last month we have decided to increase the print limit on new rare cards to 2000 (existing rares are not affected).
This will reduce the pressure on our talented artist (and amazing musician!) @theturtleproject. The end of the month is getting a bit hectic!

Easter Mission


This new seasonal mission is available until the 30th of April and you will need one of the new "Jive Bunny" cards to be able to do it.
They are available randomly in packs but I am sure there will also be some on the market soon too.

Click on the "Special Missions" button to access the mission.


You have a one in four chance of finding one of the two special Easter instrument cards while doing the mission. Good luck!

S19 Easter Egg Guitar.png

S18 Bunny Bass.png

April Fools Joke

Yesterday was "April Fools Day" and we couldn't resist playing a little joke on you!

Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 07.08.36.png

Let us know in the comments if we managed to trick you and you looked into the camera and clicked the button?

An Apology

Last week we released the Birthday Cake card to celebrate Rising Star's first birthday.
Earlier in the year we asked for suggestions as to ways that we could celebrate our first year and there were a lot of fantastic ideas but we couldn't remember who suggested what.

@ynwa.andree was in fact the player who suggested the cake card so apologies for not mentioning him before and thank you for the awesome idea!

What's Next?

We have a pretty big new addition to the game coming very soon. It will add an entirely new element to the game that can be played independently or at the same time as the usual missions.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new tab on the cards page titled "Records". This will also be a new feature in the game that will be launched very soon.

That's all the news for now so keep on rockin' and spreading the word about Rising Star.

Jux & the Rising Star team.

The NFT based music career game built on HIVE


My camera wasn't working, otherwise I would have fallen for the first April joke.

@ynwa.andree! Birthday Cake Card was an excellent idea.

@nupulse! What an awesome music, quite empowering. Listening right now, and feeling getting strength, world is feeling a little more brighter etc etc, can't describe all the feelings I am having listening this music. Thumbs up, marvelous, tremendous...

Thank you so much!!!!


Pleasure is all mine.

Hey @mobi72, here is a little bit of BEER from @nupulse for you. Enjoy it!

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hahahaha honestly i didnt go through with it but you started to get me with the joke. i thought "oh shit, thats pretty cool" and then started getting a little doubtful when i realized it was april 1st. shortly after that i forgot entirely so you "got" me, even though i didnt follow through and was a little doubtful hahaa.

diggin the music @nupulse . congrats on the card!

That'll do for me! :P

Thank You!!


Hey @herbertholmes2, here is a little bit of BEER from @nupulse for you. Enjoy it!

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Us that @nupulse's regular 'hair-do' or are all the barbers closed where he lives? (just like here).

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @nupulse for you. Enjoy it!

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Awesome! Definitely need a billy korg card!!

Also, for eth holders... Happy ethster weekend :D

Lots of new stuff keeps it interesting. I've already got a load of the new cards, but those legendaries are elusive. I'm eager to see what the other new features will be. Keep it up.


Thanks Steve. Now the new cards and Easter special are out of the way we will have more time to concentrate on the new stuff.

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Congratulations @nupulse What a talent you are😍
Look forward to grabbing on one Billy Korg😃
Nice to have a new Easter mission.
The joke was cool, even I tried to mint one but failed lolz

Glad we managed to catch you with the joke! :P

Thank you very much!!!



Hey @nupulse, here is a little bit of BEER from @globetrottergcc for you. Enjoy it!

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I am glad to see @nupulse getting a card for all the hard work he has done in the illustrations. I half-expected it to be a April Fools joke given the day it appeared so I clicked on it. I didn't take a picture though as I close the window afterwards.

The Easter mission seems nice. I should get that 1 million Starbit millionaire title this month so I am looking forward to opening some packs and maybe getting a Jive Bunny.

Good luck with the packs!

Thank you mate!!!!


Hey @jfang003, here is a little bit of BEER from @nupulse for you. Enjoy it!

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Gonna get me a 12 pack now to see if I have some easter luck in there.

and for the april fools? Hell yeah I fell for it, and totally tried making a legendary card in my surgical suit with no luck hahahaha. good one!

Now we have to see the photo of you in your surgical suit!

Good luck with the packs!

Make it a legendary and I will show you hahahahahha

wink wink

Great additions to the game, congrats.

Ps: I didn't have time yesterday to fall into the April Fools pit :)

Oh well, can't catch 'em all!

The game is getting more and more exciting. Looking forward to having that new letter.
Congratulations on progress

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Awesome!!! thank you very much!!!!


Total pleasure!

Hey @risingstargame, here is a little bit of BEER from @nupulse for you. Enjoy it!

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I am indeed eagle-eyed and am looking forward to the Record store!!

Image Robin Of Sherwood; TV Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086791/

I was going to use Robin of Sherwood (80's series) for my 'April fools' joke card,

Image: Designed and sold by kryten4k

Great job as always, guys!

I totally fell for that April fool's prank! :P

Well played!

Haha! Thank you!

Hey @risingstargame, here is a little bit of BEER from @junkfeathers for you. Enjoy it!

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Is there any solace for those of us that have wives who want to play, but can't because your game thinks two people in one household is a bot? The answers (and complete and utter lack of support) that my wife has been getting just trying to play the game because we sit next to each other is ridiculous. Why release a game if you have no idea how to make it work? And why don't booster cards ever show up?! I won a pizza box two days ago and it still doesn't show in my inventory. Please, please give me some hope that there's a developer behind all of this and not just a bunch of musicians who thought a game would be cool - because we're dealing with money here, and just plain getting shut out of your inventory after days of playing is BS.

Where did you ask for support? We have not seen anything in the "support-and-bugs" channel in our Discord. We have also not seen you ask for your accounts to be verified in the "account-verification" channel.

P.S. There is a reason we don't just automatically let people with the same IP addresses and accounts with no history at all play without question - STARBITS would be farmed to death and that would be the end of the game for everyone.

You could at least try digging down into the subnet masking IPs. No other game has prevented us both from playing - only yours.

We asked about it in your official discord and the only answer we got was "sorry other people ruined it for you." What kind of support is that? And no, you won't see an account verification request, because you've been rude as hell throughout this problem and neither of us wants anything to do with your buggy crap anymore.

Can't wait for the records!!
I was wondering how the personal legendaries would be distributed but didn't click on it lol 😂

Only half got you then!

Was the 1st Birthday Card sold out? I don't see it anymore on the game.

Found it in "Your Collection" 😄👍

LOL. My computer doesn't have a camera on it, but I wanted to mint that card so bad! Today I was thinking of getting my old webcam out and doing it. Glad I saw this post first!

Pretty funny.

I was getting a bit worried as I was reading that. I thought you were going to say "Today I went and bought a new webcam to do it". 😛

Lol I think you got quite a few of us with that April fools prank. I definitely clicked as soon as I saw it!

I'm also loving all the new cards and gearing up for the Easter hunt!! And also waiting patiently for these new features. I'm loving the part of simultaneous play!!

Keep on rocking guys! And don't overdo it on the Easter eggs!

Thanks for all your awesome support!


You very welcome. Hope you having a lovely long weekend!

You did get me and I laughed as soon as I pushed the button. LOL. Good one!

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I loved the cake idea (I don't even remember what I did suggest, but I think it was something related with a 1st anniversary card, that's for sure!) and YES, you made me stand up and go after my cell in order to do the snapshot for my Legendary 1/1 card LOL I even grabbed my epic New York Mets Nacho Helmet for the occasion...


Anyways! The "Records" tab... NFT's YUM!

Keep up the good work,

You're telling me I spent half an hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera driver for nothing?!? 😡 Oh, I am gonna get you guys! 😆

Update: The actual chance of getting one of the instruments during the Easter Egg Hunt missions is actually 1 in 10 not 1 in 4 as stated above. Apologies for that!