Today's Rising Star Giveaways (Thursday 25th November)


It's great to see so many players running giveaways and competitions and we thought we would produce a concise list each day so you know which ones are currently active and can be joined.

So without further ado here is today's list:

@flauwy Rising Star NFT - S30 Juan Up (ends 26 Nov)

@holoferncro Daily - Today 9115 Starbits

@dwarflordnoj Rising Star NFT - S30 Juan Up (ends 17 Dec)

@ynwa.andree 10,000 Starbits (ends 30 Nov)

@morenow 10,000 Starbits

@mawit07 Daily - Rising Star NFT Daily - Today 6 x i25 Cheap Trombone

@pablodare Daily - 1st Prize 3000 Starbits 2nd Prize 2000 Starbits + Sunday bonus 5000 Starbits

@lavino Rising Star NFT - R88 Marching Drum (ends 27 Nov)

@sentipl Rising Star NFT - R87 Stacy (ends 29 Nov)

@eghnim Rising Star NFT - S9 Beethoven (ends 26 Nov)

@cryptofiloz Rising Star NFT - Rare Card

@r1s2g3 Daily - 2000 Starbits

@jfang003 Rising Star NFT - R113 Clarinet (ends 27 Nov)

@pair 5000 Starbits (ends 26 Nov)

@belhaven14 Daily - 1000 Starbits

@cursephantom Daily - 1000 Starbits

@josueprime 2 x 2000 Starbits (ends 25 Nov)

@cmmndrbawang Rising Star NFT - Delilah (ends 26 Nov)

@alejoca 1000 Starbits (ends 25 Nov)

@playbyhive Daily - 2000 Starbits

@bernaku Rising Star NFTs - Brodie & i39 Cheap Electric Violin (ends 25 Nov)

@tommyl33 Daily - Common Card & 1000 Starbits

@apprentice001 3 x 1000 Starbits

@dubble 1000 Starbits

@harpreetjanda 1000 Starbits (ends 25 Nov)

@aweee Rising Star NFTs - Cheap Car & i40 Cheap Keys (ends 26 Nov)

@chinorf 2 x 1000 Starbits (ends 25 Nov)

@saimaali Daily - 1000 Starbits - First 10 entries (10 entries required to run contest)

@tin.aung.soe Rising Star NFT - Common Card (ends 30 Nov)

@bencwarmer Rising Star NFT - Rosanne (ends 26 Nov)

@splinternews Rising Star NFT - Cheap Car (ends 26 Nov)

@yeckingo1 Rising Star NFT Daily - Today Common Card

@s3rg4 Rising Star NFT - Mr Dependable & Jake (ends 26 Nov)

@mk992039 850 Starbits

@tokutaro22 Rising Star NFT Daily - Today Belle

@felipejoys Rising Star NFT

@dirego1 Daily - 500 Starbits

@cmmndrbawang 500 Followers Party - Rising Star NFTs NOVEMBER 28, 2021. 8AM MANILA PST(6PM CST / 7PM EST)

Good luck!



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