Today's Rising Star Giveaways (Tuesday 20th July)


It's great to see so many players running giveaways and competitions and we thought we would produce a concise list each day so you know which ones are currently active and can be joined.

So without further ado here is today's list:

@holoferncro Daily - Today 7444 Starbits

@manclar 5 x Rising Star Record NFTs - by @stickupboys (ends 25 July)

@manclar Rising Star Record NFT - “I wanna live in Ikea” by @steevc (ends 23 July)

@manclar Rising Star NFT - Cold Pizza Slice (ends 21 July)

@cryptofiloz 1 Rising Star NFT

@madmanmusic Daily - Today R76 George

@ynwa.andree 1st Prize 10,000 Starbits 2nd Prize & R75 Greg (ends 26 July)

@mawit07 Daily - 8 Rising Star NFTs

@pablodare Daily - 1st Prize 3000 Starbits 2nd Prize 2000 Starbits + Sunday bonus 5000 Starbits

@jfang003 Rising Star NFT - R67 Febie

@sentipl Rising Star NFT - R51 Brad (ends 26 July)

@mateodm03 Daily - 1900 Starbits

@playbyhive Daily - 1 Rising Star NFT

@linkxdx Daily Monday - Friday 6 Rising Star NFTs

@alejoca 1 Rising Star NFT & 1000 Starbits

@felipejoys Rising Star NFT - R67 Febie

@tommyl33 Daily - Rising Star NFT - Common Card & 1000 Starbits

@zonadigital21 1000 Starbits

@moonthumb Hive Games Giveaway - Mystery Wheel of Fortune

@mk992039 790 Starbits

@apprentice001 3 x 1000 Starbits

Good luck!



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