Valentines Mission Now Live!

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Romeo, Romeo, where for art though?

How It Works

For those of you who have joined since our last seasonal mission this is how it works:

  • You will need a S31 Juliet card to start the mission which can be found randomly in packs or you may be able to buy on the market from other players.

  • Click on the "Special Missions" button.

  • Start the "Sing to Juliet" mission.

  • You have a random chance (1 in 10) of getting one of these two special instruments when the mission completes:

S32 Valentines Violin.png

S33 Rose Acoustic.png

Animated Cards!

S31a Juliet.gif

S32a Valentines Violin.gif

S33a Rose Acoustic.gif

We are excited to release three new blends which give you animated cards!

Head on over to the "Blends" page to find out more.

We would love to know what you think of these amazing looking cards beautifully animated by @jesusmedit.

Have fun and we hope you find love this Valentines season!

Jux and the Rising Star team.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.


These cards look awesome! :D

Is it that time again already? More cards to collect :)


Came round quick didn't it!


I didn't think it would come this soon but at least I was able to do some preparation to the event!

Best of luck to everyone!

What a beautiful set of cards!!!! 😍


Great update I can't wait to grind these missions! Perfect timing too I was just about to open some packs! Wish me luck 🤣

Good job guys keep up the fantastic work :)

Great!! Is Juliet already available in the packs right now?

Wow those animated Cards are incredible, really fantastic.

This is great!
My first time being able to participate and I actually have 2 Juliets!!

🎲 Time to test my luck on the new mission ♥️

Good luck everyone

Nice. I just opened some packs and got my Juliet card. At least I can start from day one to collect instruments.

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Nice! those animated cards are beutifull!
!gif love

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Awesome I want get it all !PIZZA


"Amor brujo" by "Manuel de Falla" (maybe, the new card :) )

Nice!! 💃, is there a number for the drop chance % for Juliet?

Cards are truly superb. Great work.


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I need to break down and get that 12-pack. 👀


what a good collection it looks attractive 😊

Juliet seems like very Romantic Girl


haber si me sale con suerte

Beautiful cards!


nice event!

My firts event 😍

Great card design as always. I hope I can get them all!! 😅

well.... there goes my paycheck

Great, new online event. This deserves a video

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I LOVE Saint Valentine Day 😍

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Those animated cards look awesome!

thanks. good new :)

Awesome guys!





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awesome cards!


Nice I Love it Valentines Card

Oh Juliette! Grace me with the light that makes three sun and moon envious! I have !Pizza

Cool! What a nice surprise to start the Rising Star day!

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Newbie here but I am absolutely loving this game. BOOM!

I love the idea of animated cards tbh! <3

Last time I had to buy the card from the market even after opening 24 packs, let's see what happens this time.

No doubt, cards look amazing, awesome, marvelous, elegant. Whoever has/have designed them, HATS OFF to them.

@theturtleproject does the drawings, @nupulse does the static card design and @jesusmedit does the animation. Talented bunch for sure!

👍 BRAVO! to these three.

exelente nuevas cartas para crecer ! :3

Nice blends! Juliete is looking fine :)
Thumbs up for the artist behind the drawings!!