Welcome to "Rising Star" Where You Can Live The Life Of A Virtual Mega Star!

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  • Earn STARBITS by carrying out missions.

  • Buy cards to help you progress your career.


  • Trade cards (Hive Engine NFTs) with others on the in-game market.

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  • Enjoy the in-game radio stream featuring independent artists from the Hive community.

  • Watch this short tutorial to find out more and join us on Discord to chat to other players and get support.

Please note that Rising Star is still being developed so you may encounter bugs during play.


Musicians: I just started a World of Music Community on Hive. Feel free to join and share your music there!

You can cross-post this there too. I'll be upvoting at 100% to every post/crosspost there.

We are happy to welcome all types of music from all over the world 🌏🌍🌎🕺💃

Link: World of Music Community

Interesting game. I'm enjoying it :)

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