Rising Star - weekly statistics 02.04.2021 + GIVEAWAY!

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Rising Star weekly statistics.

All statistics come from daily ranking and include only active players.

Total Card Holders - 2021-05-03


Top New Card Holders


Name New cards
1 @foxon 2498
2 @paleshelter 1262
3 @tlundy47 472
4 @xbladex 389
5 @dr-boo 375
6 @criptosectadepit 277
7 @xjonasjonas20 216
8 @atnep111 189
9 @kobusu 163
10 @goblinknackers 156

Top Unique Card holders


Name unique
1 @musicuniversity 267
2 @foxon 246
3 @steevc 226
4 @paleshelter 222
5 @gribbles 216
6 @nupulse 216
7 @tlundy47 215
8 @thatcryptodave 208
9 @kobusu 202
10 @slobberchops 198

Top New Unique Cards


Name unique
1 @criptosectadepit 69
2 @goblinknackers 38
3 @musicuniversity 26
4 @dwarflordnoj 25
5 @drmugre 24
6 @eddiespino 24
7 @juanmiguelsalas 24
8 @yumitrix08 23
9 @kobusu 22
10 @terrible93 22

Top scorer of the week


Name score
1 @foxon 1362
2 @paleshelter 921
3 @criptosectadepit 786
4 @tlundy47 376
5 @goblinknackers 372
6 @kobusu 368
7 @terrible93 367
8 @musicuniversity 359
9 @thehive 328
10 @juanmiguelsalas 318

New players

Welcome to the game!
@jdans01cs, @peluka, @usuui16, @sevesissa, @carlosfernandezr, @hesuaknight, @desetherion098, @miguel399, @honeysaver, @spoks, @langvmusic, @juliadavis, @danyx1222, @telumen, @maukahn, @pysec, @cjazus, @ssmao, @yocazo, @glinkas, @liry, @reproton1313, @santirami, @dirara, @nahueldare3627, @hachefps, @appleorangelemon, @neterion, @zerokdark, @atheum, @usuariox24, @tupack, @criptodoug, @haisesassaki, @andreistalker, @risingstargame, @ykretz, @homesteadhacker, @julste, @nonescript3, @anthoni523, @axeel1, @malfonzov, @linkxdx, @tearsdevil, @animalico, @dani1884, @angel6332, @lauramica, @jaguapiru, @shibazur, @nicandro1234, @argentinojavi72, @risingstarangels, @alvaro8, @quizhou, @asteka, @alvarogonz, @msfimbres, @nicotinho04, @m25830561, @junior032, @cherryshrimp, @garmauco, @redoubt, @serenidad, @fenixkazza1, @arpd2, @jadengxc, @haydae, @zxion, @eliasrm, @ampecofer, @dylan333, @ivgar, @mpock, @andresdfc, @nozzy, @jackniel, @themask1, @doffot, @lukss, @blackfang18,

Active players (4 weeks)


!!! Giveaway !!!

>> Results <<

Pack opening: https://hive-engine.rocks/b/6687094
Reward: R51 Brad

The winner of giveaway is @jfang003! Congratulations!
Transfer: https://hive-engine.rocks/b/6687453
Thank you to all participants: @imfarhad, @moonthumb, @yeckingo1, @carlosro, @dadspardan, @notaboutme, @tlundy47, @mimismartypants, @pablodare, @captaincryptic, @sirdemian, @libertycrypto27, @deanlogic, @proto26, @handtalk5, @wend1go

>> New Giveaway + Jackpot <<

The winner will get a rare+ card from the pack I open just before posting next statistics. To participate just try to guess what card will be reward next week.
If you guess you will get 5000 starbits. If there will be more than one winner reward is splitted equally.
Upvotes are not necessary but appreciated.

Good luck!

Rising Star Game

© sentipl


I'm going with R52 Hippy Waggon!

I think the next card will be a Kevin (RU2) 😀

Congratulations to @jfang003!

I think the next card given away will be R56 Robbie.

Tagging @pixiepost and @imfarhad
!LUV 1

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I am guessing R51 for next round again.
Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

Thank you for a welcome!
I did not expect that at all.
And I do not know much about the game, so I can hardly imagine what would make sense for a giveaway, but let's say R54.

Thank you for the Brad card and I think next week's giveaway will be the R51 Brad card (same as the reward this week).

I am joining the next draw. Bet on R55 Bruce

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Thank you @sentipl for stats and giveaway!

I guess R46 Guitar!

I join the draw.
I guess R46 Guitar!

Posted via MusicForLife.io

i am guessing R56 Robbie

Congrats Winner


I think it would be R51. I would join the next round!

I'm signing up for the next draw, and the information you provide is super interesting!

Posted via MusicForLife.io



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Excellent growth! I see the market is active, so people are really into it. Onward and upwards.




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Count me in the next draw pls :)