Rising Star weekly statistics 22.11.2021 + GIVEAWAY!

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Rising Star weekly statistics 2021-11-22

Giveaway details below statistics.
*All statistics come from daily ranking and include only active players.*

Total Card Holders


Top New Card Holders


Name New cards
1 @foxon 2083
2 @tatou66 1292
3 @kush-hyg 675
4 @atifaman 616
5 @jacques0829 583
6 @skimanner 435
7 @mumpulls 395
8 @atnep111 390
9 @paleshelter 376
10 @zasktrader 362

Top Unique Card holders


Name Unique cards
1 @musicuniversity 485
2 @foxon 471
3 @steevc 433
4 @nupulse 411
5 @kobusu 407
6 @thatcryptodave 405
7 @trentonlundy1 388
8 @stickupboys 383
9 @gribbles 379
10 @hykss 373

Top New Unique Cards


Name New unique cards
1 @skimanner 80
2 @soyuntito 77
3 @pleo1542 46
4 @sinistry 44
5 @tanyx 43
6 @blackgreen 43
7 @pablodare 41
8 @injai 35
9 @sgt-dan 35
10 @ashwind 32

Top scorer of the week


Name Score
1 @foxon 982
2 @tatou66 806
3 @skimanner 746
4 @tanyx 666
5 @kush-hyg 639
6 @pleo1542 623
7 @soyuntito 528
8 @ravenmus1c 499
9 @chippi 496
10 @injai 470

The most busy artists


Name Minutes played
1 @globetrottergcc 5660
2 @marshall1 5580
3 @ofiriano 5390
4 @mrcandy 5390
5 @donkapone 5290
6 @edgarantonio 5280
7 @joseanto 5140
8 @nawaz5 5100
9 @hivediver 5095
10 @bladejack1991 5030

The best promoters

Name StarPro earned
1 @wagginston 445.72
2 @silverquest 59.57
3 @foxon 18.41
4 @krenden 13.33
5 @xtapexeaterx 7.32
6 @logosh77330 6.73
7 @ciremc 4.91
8 @fwxiii 4.09
9 @honeykeeper 3.99
10 @nupulse 3.08

New players

Welcome to the game: @creepyarts, @caybis, @anandkj611, @krenden, @selfhelp4trolls, @benji1822, @panthera68, @sethu, @lipe100dedos, @fabim007, @milenismata1, @patiss-75, @strikeeyes, @zeclipse, @mufcvic1, @bitpizza, @hobotortoise, @fgames65, @elliptique, @masrawy20, @uolace1982, @ichiberry11, @humblebeast, @gunnarkaiser, @kirihyde, @wheathn, @terterero, @sequelado, @technocrypton, @ugofrank, @tinachioma27, @leitorgk, @brantoc, @osomar357, @zombieone, @broth1996, @krazeworgen, @lerdaw, @alexgame, @watsapinin, @punkndrublic, @sarguy43, @italoobrito, @redninjajermi, @bananasfallers, @prisbert, @btfg, @speedtuning, @xykorlz, @cl4ptrap, @marcinxyz, @jayslays, @bluefox21, @allfabeta, @ewan-d, @sandrayalmas, @chanos, @halex44, @diegomanrique, @galdor100max, @rodrigorg27, @adrian1968, @sherming, @niggle-21, @ichbinseba, @pompeylad, @wilalbl, @pachirron, @jesseoostv, @thanatoszero38, @kimikimi, @followingthesun, @memqlq, @onybreak, @ronaldc22, @eldro2009, @rufast, @i-hizzy, @lisandrea1111, @enjim, @thecrevolution, @enidsen, @exator, @slirre, @metsysnwod, @hiribuz, @emersonzomi, @markmd1925, @sirmanonu312, @blackvenom2580, @cebazord, @raginghobbit, @olgachoke, @keltv, @alejandrarptr, @luiggigrampone, @kirito777l, @jshpvsqz, @capathew, @xtraxelopre, @superchennie, @craftmon, @batistebou, @b3npurple, @counterfiat, @dyson-the-booper, @ankiller, @japex1226, @ljmt0101, @euminha, @splinter100dedos, @leijun987, @albiro2050, @liverpool-fan, @splinterlbpf, @szmobacsi, @bibrrr, @almightygrim, @tiagomrramos, @godly-rich, @ismael.tejon, @senseibulrog, @uggya, @rioraj, @sadicius, @bboyady, @thedoc07, @kpgamer, @sinibuds,

Active players (4 weeks)


!!! Giveaway !!!

>> Results <<

The winner of giveaway is @neshk! Congratulations!


The winner has been chosen randomly on https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/

Other participants: @andy-plays, @nevermeltice, @zasktrader, @mimismartypants, @nerengot, @pinkhub, @baak, @kevvvoo, @petertag, @rayius, @skimanner, @terapallo, @lacandela, @cmmndrbawang, @codename02, @kirek, @tawadak24, @tanyx, @elduderino420a, @thercek, @lologom, @method1973, @augustbrown, @lofone, @amaillo, @ironcloud7, @ifiwasfrank, @marcinxyz, @dejan.vuckovic, @coffeedetective, @belhaven14, @balbaabart, @baronzid44, @c3r34lk1ll3r, @belzebuzi, @dambito, @filuris, @whickey, @freed99, @ghua, @ijat, @hhayweaver, @maurojd, @caybis, @netsrac, @moonthumb, @rachaeldwatson, @facundopetko, @ruralio, @simhot, @ravenmus1c, @blutengel, @pedrobrito2004, @wazza84, @jay63, @soltecno, @soyuntito, @servelle, @rejicoronado, @usamaro, @nelthari, @vicer0y, @rarereden, @chaosmagic23, @rafasete, @matthew1, @spryquasar, @roguepatton, @mugigameplay, @kurogan, @jackyng, @cykle, @josueprime, @groovy828, @s3rg4, @oogabooga0411, @cryptosimplify, @tampilyne, @zvan35, @yras, @weesleytv, @saimaali, @bencwarmer, @subwaysurfer, @xykorlz, @preddor95, @denzelchain, @yeckingo1, @cutedawako, @dedoverde, @titus-vivant, @beyondhorizonmm, @chaosgeek, @technocrypton, @ugochill, @silver247, @javiss, @nyinyiwin, @ivarbjorn, @tokutaro22, @deanlogic, @rakhmen, @tdctunes

>> New Giveaway <<

Reward: R87 Stacy

To participate in giveaway just type in a comment "Stacy".
Upvotes are not needed but appreciated.

Good luck!

Friendly reminder to all players:

IMPORTANT: The Starbits Millionaire card is NON TRANSFERRABLE and anyone caught trying to sell theirs or transfer theirs to another player may have their account PERMANENTLY BANNED.
Only Starbits Millionaire cards issued by Rising Star will work with your account. DO NOT BUY THEM OFF THE MARKET if you plan to try and use it to run the Millionaire mission. If you have 1 million STARBITS on Hive Engine and would like a Millionaire card then contact us in Discord.

Rising Star Game

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Great stats, I am in for the giveaway ;)


Would love to have Stacy please! Count me in


Stacy 😍


Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?
Because they are so good at it.

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stacy baby!

stacy! :)

Thanks for the stats and contest!

Oh Stacy do you wanna be in my deck?

Congrats to the winner.

Forget Stacy's mom, I want Stacy!

Oh awesome, I`m in the top scorer! :) Count me in again please. @ravenmus1c

Thanks for the mention! I'm running fast to level 10 and need to do a strategy yet, but I like to be a part of Rising star community



ready for cute stacy to join @baak

Stacy @servelle

I told the Starbuck's clerk my name was Marc with a C.
When I got my coffee it was marked Clark.
credit: [lobaobh](https://peakd.com/@lobaobh)

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Congratulations to the winner, continue with good luck. Good luck and good health to all.

Stacy @amaillo


Everyone talking about Stacy but what about Stacy's mom?

Great game, started a few back, now i am addicted..:)

Welcome! Enjoy a !BEER

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Thanks for the stats and the giveaway

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Thank you for the giveaway! Stacy :)

Count me in ^^ @subidu

Stacy and luck to all. And happy to win the last one 😅

I'm new to RS thanks for tagging super appreciated.


la necesito

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R87 Stacy

Count me please in your Giveaway.


Pls count me in @rafasete

hola anotame @dirego1

Knock knock...
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@baak for Stacy