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In the midst of the games with Hive is one that is beginning to stand out to me and Rise out above and beyond!
Recently I have devoted some time into the Alpha Version of Rising Star.

At first, I thought it was going to be relatively simple and not much to it.
I did a few quests, got some fans drunk and drank some coffee... and levelled up.
After I bought some cards and then I started realizing the game is a bit more complex than first meets the eye.

I noticed the abundant selection of cards each with a selection of attributes, and also different uses. Then I noticed the market, achievements, different crypto-currencies and quests which there seems to be a lot of them.
They hold giveaways, live shows, give out prizes, and much more.
I enjoy being kept up to date in their discord server and the constant improvements I witnessed so far. The game seems to be implementing an income through the cards themselves (Starbits, on top of the quest rewards) which is something I am looking forward to seeing.
For sure I recommend the Rising Star Game to all those who love games, music, community, and a potentially passive income!
If you havent signed up yet for the fun then Join me and the rest of us
@ The Rising Star
and also on Discord!



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