Rising Star - The King of Crypto Faucets?

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It's been a while since I wrote anything about Rising Star, the game that takes you from being a lowly busker to a global megastar (not my words).

The reason why is because I don’t like to shout what I have found. Until a couple of days ago, I would suggest that 'Rising Star is the greatest Crypto Faucet' I have ever seen.


I do well from curation being a large HIVE stakeholder, but pulling in an additional 50-75 HIVE a day was never going to be sustainable.

If you feel like jumping over there to do the same, then halt with screeching brakes now.

…’Rising Star should not be considered to be a crypto faucet; it should never have gotten to be that’…

I have invested in this game, and it should be a game NOT a milking machine. Recent steps have been taken to make sure this is so and I welcome them.

Missions now have an Ego counter built-in. Do too many of the same ones and your brain will start to swell resulting in fewer rewards (StarBits).


...'keep doing the same mission and you will gain more Ego, which lessens your StarBits earnings'...

Ego gained from missions is now PERMANENT though this may be changed later. There is talk of another mission lasting 24 hours that is Therapy based to reduce your boasting and knock off some of that blight we call Ego.

The reason I keep harping on about this game is not because of its good looks (it looks very basic), it is due to the developer @risingstargame who manages to add a little something almost every day.

That fact that he listens to us (his Alpha testers) makes it all the better and we all genuinely feel like a part of it. If taken the right way and managed well @risingstargame is going to have a monster on his hands.

'the game is ridiculously addictive, and once its claws are sunk into you there's no turning back'...

I have suggested things that have been implemented and so have many others in the very active Discord channel, which feels like almost a necessity to be part of, if you want to know about all the changes.

Rising Star is scheduled to go into Beta in early November and like most other HIVE games it is best to get in early.

Unlike some, Rising Star requires no payment or starter pack to play. It is a free game, though you will progress rather slowly if you are reluctant to invest anything.

...'if you want Debbie, will will have to pay dearly, though her stats are not super great. The real Debbie may well take offense'...

A new card will be added every week which everyone seems to scramble for. The latest one being 'Debbie'; Younger readers may not realize who this is supposed to be, but old bastards like me know right away.

I hope there are no issues with copyright, as it is quite obvious who ‘Debbie’ and ’John’ represent. I feel this may have been researched beforehand.

If you are stuck working at home, chained to the desk then there is no better semi-passive game than Rising Star.

...'pulling a John is something to celebrate and getting any Legendary card now is extremely rare. Days can go by and nobody pulls any of them, never mind John.. the rarest and most desirable card in the game'...

Go through the missions in order, kick one-off and then forget about it for a while. This is no CryptoBrewmaster (a game I also play), that one is the king of passive games and Rising Star does require more of your attention.

You can still make crypto with Rising Star, even with no investment but the glory days of endless farming are gone and I can no longer name it 'The King of Crypto Faucets'.

If this appears negative, then you are reading this all wrong. It is one of the best things to have happened to HIVE this year and is consuming far too much of my time.


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I've been tempted to turn my oldest daughter on to Hive gaming. I've been torn between dCity, Rising Star, and Splinterlands. I've heard the least buzz about Rising Star, so it's nice to see a few posts about it here and there.

Which of the above three do you think would be most pre-teen friendly?

I can speak for dCity as I have never played it Splinterlands is far more polished but requires a starter pack to play, Rising Star is Alpha so don't expect panache.. but it's free to play.

Just once I'd like to be in on something from the start and actually have something to show for my investment. That being said, I hope this game does well and now that all of that other stuff has been taken off the table I plan to just enjoy it for what it is.

You did get a Pink Lambo, not the best Legendary but still one. They barely drop now, so it will go up in value.

Fingers crossed.

ha! the therapy mission is a good idea! I heard things were getting out of hand.

Who knows what will happen, it changes daily!

I have been in the game for three days, and have made some slow progress, but progress never the elss, I am a bit addicted and have seen the value in investing,
I like the idea of the 24 therapy mission :)

I noticed you used my referral weeks ago but have only just started playing. Sad to say you missed out on the old 'Glory Days', but for me the game is still as additive as ever. The Therapy mission, yes.. it is needed!

I'm glad there are limits in place to keep things sustainable. I've not even felt the ego yet as I have quiet a bit of skill compared to fans and I can still churn out a new pack every week or 2 depending on luck. :D

I'm feeling the ego on every mission and the skill from lessons has been severely adjusted again today. It will make for a more sustainable game in the long run.

I think it's good that limits have been placed on earning. People were being crazy at buying packs to sell on the cards. As it stands now it is worth hanging onto more cards and you cannot just do 5 minute missions all day. Now you have to run each mission several times as you work your way up. Getting the exact balance perfect is impossible, but @atomcollector is doing a fine job. New cards will keep it interesting for collectors. I just wonder if I will ever have a legendary if they are much rarer now.

Rock on!

It was far too tempting to do Band Rehearsals all day and nothing else. I mentioned this in chat which may or may not have provoked the change. If I would have posted stating just this 2-3 weeks ago we may have had more people playing for the wrong reasons.

I love the flavour, the humour of it all. Yes, you can make something but I would rather have a game next year and not another Nexus Colony. It had to be done.

I'm sure some were quite happy with how it was, but it was not sustainable. I want to see Hive games grow and be open to new players as they are a good gateway to the platform.


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Cough. DrugWars made some changes and killed the place. I'm glad these guys are doing a better job.

Debby. Hmmmmm. Wonder who? Does she have a glass heart? Just wonderin.
John with no Oh No? How can that be.

I may or may not go take a look :)

Did you play Drug Wars?... let me rephrase that.. EVERYONE played Drug Wars.. it was that or Splinterlands once.. a long time ago.

Rising Star? If you like music (like me), it will dig its claws in.. beware!