Busking my way up the ladder

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So I managed to step up a few levels so far nothing mentionable happened, ah yeah I accidently clicked on a wrong mission and ended up on covershoot. Since I am a photographer (if you would check out my pictures on hive I would be glad) I am very familiar with everything what happens on such an occasion. Did not know though that I am going to get something for it. I earned 1000PIXEL
If anyone knows what I can use it for please reach out!



The photographer on the shoot was not too talented though or he had just a bad day but I dont know because some user sent me a beer on my other post so I got drunk and then there was some drugs involved as well and some groupies! Living the rockstar live is hard and I am exhausted so here is the outcome of the covershoot: bildschirmfoto_2021_02_20_um_19.16.38.png

The groupie I took home can be fouund in this post: groupiegirl

Thanks for your attention keep on busking!


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I love Beer! and I am in the curation trail already although I still have to figure out how it works since my voting mana is always so low...
Where do I find the live stream?

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Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up on what I guess you could call Hive posting etiquette, because I love seeing you here and your enthusiasm, but don't want you running foul of some of the more militant ones here.

So lately you've been posting multiple times a day which can actually be detrimental to your earnings for multiple reasons. Firstly other users have a limit as to how much they can upvote each day before their voting power (VP) decreases and loses value. So someone who wants to support you can either only vote on one or two of your posts or make smaller votes. Because there is a rewards curve, there is effectively a kind of tax on any post which doesn't reach a value of 20 Hive (currently around the $6 value, I think), so any votes below that threshold will be worth less than they would be once it goes over that threshold. So by having less posts in a day, the same amount of votes going onto them would be worth more than them being spread over multiple posts. There are also those people who see posting more than a couple of times a day as farming, so at best they will just not support you and at worst they might report you for farming and have you put on blacklists which can result in not receiving votes from the larger curators and even receiving downvotes.

I'd recommend sticking to no more than two or three posts a day. You can always cross post into other communities if it fits more than one and have the rewards feed back to the original post.

Hey @minismallholding thank you for this heads up! I will try to be a bit less enthusiastic from now on and will listen to your advice. I did not know about these facts so now that I do I will act accordingly.
Thank you for your advice. Have a great Sunday!

Hey @solymi, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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