Cannabis OFFICIALLY Banned on EOS Voice! Huge opportunity for Weedcash to be the EOS Voice Alternative. I wonder if posting about a cannabis themed EOS token on Voice will be banned? Sharia law in Saudi Arabian Voice? Interesting Times! + 1 year Mutes lol

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There you have it! Even if Cannabis is legal, its still banned because Voice is a US Federal government Blocksburg DC project run by the same people who keep Cannabis schedule 1. but hey, alcohol and tobacco are banned, why not coffee? lol no smoking on voice... next theyll ban driving internal combustion cars or glorifying internal combustion engines.... electric car posts only

Man this social media network seems like it will be so boring and used by people hired to milk voice rewards

Heres the system Voice will use to BAN you hah, so you already know its going to suck, and be nothing like steem based freedom social media.

1 year mute lol

I still believe we may see some voice eosio social layers we can ALL use, or copy :)

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Hahaha! it's a rough start for Voices lol!

Wow! I’m so disappointed. I won’t be using this ridiculous platform and am reconsidering my support for EOS. Securing life, LIBERTY, and property, yeah right Dan.

This is stupid for VOICE, it is going to just become another facebook

That’s crazy... I’ll never use this social network

Well at least we wont have another block chain taking away members of our community.

Seems Voice is aiming to be a facebook than it is to be a steem. They are just going down the same road as facebook. the worse part of voice is the KYC as the government is going to be able to get court orders for anything they want.