Summer Greenhouse Cannabis Grow, Part 2

Hello, hivers and gardeners!

Here's an update on my cannabis growing efforts in my greenhouse. I wrote part 1 about 12 days ago, and the plants have grown a lot since then. These plants are both Master Hemp #2 plants. At the end of my first post, I had a picture of the 2 plants in their big pots, the plants were about 6 inches tall at that time.
This picture was taken on June 6.

I took another few pictures on June 8. They were pretty much still the same size.

This is a bit better view of each plant.


You can see how this plant didn't develop the normal center stem, but it had side stem buds starting to form.

I took these pictures on June 18, Saturday. As you can see, in 10 days they grew a lot. The plant on the left is the one with no center stem.

Here's a closer picture of the plant on the left. It is growing 2 stems that will become the main plant as it gets larger.

This is the other plant. I took the top off the plant so that it will grow more side branches.

Here's a better look at the top of the plant.


So far, both of the plants look pretty healthy. I haven't put any fertilizer in the water yet, but I will be feeding them this week.
For an extra picture to end this post, here's a shot of the tomato plants that are sharing the greenhouse with the cannabis plants. You can sort of see one of the cannabis plants at the far end of the greenhouse in this picture.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for checking it out!



A perfect time to add some fertilizer! Those tomatoes are looking great too!

The soil on the pots already looks nutrient rich. Your weeds looks like they are loving it. 🙂



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those plants are growing up really faster :D hohohohoh