My little Bonsai Cannabis plant

Alright I know it isn't really a Bonsai, but it is a tiny little weed plant. Yes, fully grown. We harvested and smoked it about a week ago.

weed next to coke.jpg

Obviously we must of stunted it's growth somehow.My guess would be over-watering and having it in fairly high temperatures.

The strain was Alpujarrena which is known to do better in cooler climates and a hot Australian summer is probably the furthest thing from that. We originally had 5 seeds but 2 of the plants died and the other 2 we still have in a drawer.

weed yum.jpg

I tried googling and looking for people with similiar issues with their plant but found basically nothing. It's an auto so we must of stunted it and it just started its flower.

It was actually quite nice to smoke but the entire bud was a total of 2g. That means the entire harvest from that plant was 2g... Kinda sad. Lasted about 45 minutes lol.

weed tiny.jpg

It had a fully formed root system in miniature form and from what I could see there was no root rot. It was in a bucket the same size as my other 2 plants that are at chest height so it wasn't lacking in space.

If anyone has any ideas what I did to create this mini monstrosity let me know.


Heat stress can definitely go that, especially heat stress to the roots. She’s a cute one though isn’t she 😀

Should make for a great conversation while you smoke a bowl of that.

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