Grow log #4 Learning from the plants

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Alien Ring Popz on her day 36, whose force has gotten stronger and stronger.


This plant stood up and wiped out every obstacles that life has tossed her in it's way. In the past days, she has shown both beauty and fierceness that leaves me delightfully amazed.

bw 2.jpg

As a grower, the precious thing is to collect knowledge from each of the plants, and the valuable lesson that they had to offer us.

Grow details

Day: 36
Plant: Alien Ring Popz
Light: Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED
Bucket: 8 Gallon
Nutrients: Cultured solutions line

Stay trippy, stay happy!


The leaves look truly beautiful :D

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Thank you & cheers! 😊

that is absolutely beautiful thank you very much for showing

I'm happy about that 😃

You are very welcome and it looks like you have some absolutely phenomenal horticultural skills.

Really digging how you have training well in hand.

if I'm not already following you I think I'm going to have to jump on that one

That's very kind of you 😊 and thanks for the follow. I'm gonna follow you back for sure 😁

Right on sounds good and can't wait to see more of your content

Looking killer, Love the training

Much appreciated! Cheers! 😀