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RE: It's time for your shot... of cannabis oil!

What I’m about to say is not a joke. I wonder how medicated you would be if you put all that up your butt? Possibly the first od death ever? Now that last one was a joke, or was it?

Ps man I should be dead by now, I wear the same mask for a week when I walk into stores, I hug people, shake peoples hands, and have get togethers. Maybe cannabis has been the vaccine all along!!

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Meanwhile CNN is telling people if they use cannabis (or any kind of vapour) they are destroying their lungs and spreading covid. LOL

Here's MediKatie with some homemade suppositories a couple years ago. Coconut oil and cannabis oil! But not 1000mg.... that would be a trip to somewhere special LOL

Yeah it would be wouldn’t it! Man my boss watches CNN and it drives me crazy!