Weedcash, The Cannabis Community Of The Hive Blockchain: Highlights, & 2022 Grow Challenge

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What's good Weed Nerds! So I have to say, last week was a great one. Even considering there are some of our regular growers out of action, including myself. I imagine once the frost thaws in some parts, we will see an explosion of growth. So for future reference, if you are posting anything cannabis, psychedelic, or Weedcash Token related post directly from the Weedcash Front end, or post directly from the community. Just FYI, when you do post from the front end, it gets published automatically to the community. If you have not subscribed, please do so here. If you are growing, but not cannabis, I encourage you to join, and post to Hive Garden. Hive is a small, but tight knit place, where everyone works together. Basically like family. Just like sowing a seed, and helping them grow, the same principle applies here with each other.

2022 Grow Challenge

Don't forget there is still plenty of time to get started. @derangedvisions, and I are looking forward to seeing everyone's grow journals! Also make sure to get ahold of me in Discord so I can get your Canna-Curate sticker mailed out. I will be ordering them from the Weedcash Store in the next couple weeks.


Rules for the 2022 Weedcash Grow Challenge:

  • Pick what size of pot you will grow in

To allow everyone to enter there will be 4 divisons;

  • 1 Gallon
  • 2 Gallon
  • 3 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 7 & Above(This will be for our outdoor growers who will be planting in ground, or if your growing in a bigger pot for a living soil setup indoor)
  • Grow a cannabis plant
    If you do not have access to seeds, or clones, seeds can be purchased with Hive over at Bifbeans. Or if you would like to run a tester out, hit me up on Discord.

  • Post regualar updates
    We would love to see you use the Weedcash front end. Or post directly from the Weedcash Community on Peakd. Since we respect all Hive communities, we will not hold anything against you if you prefer to post from somewhere else. Just do not forget the tags: cannabis, weedcash, or canna-curate(optional).

  • Comment
    After you publish your grow update, go comment on any 3 posts within the cannabis community.

  • Weigh your finished trimmed Sensimilla flowers
    After harvest, dry, and trim your buds as you normally would do, then weigh the finished product.

  • What if you get a male?
    Special prizes will be given to those who end up with a male

  • For people already growing
    You may enter, but if you're over the half way mark into flower, please wait till next grow.

  • Optional
    If you have a Twitter account sign up for POSH, and share your Weedcash links.

  • To enter

Comment Grow[pot size] on this post.


But the Weedcash community is not all cannabis grows. Show us what you are smoking. Show us you staking your Weed Tokens. Or are you against cannabis? Come on over and share why. Maybe we can at least change your perspective. It is not just about getting 'high'. There is culture, healing, and wellness, and so much more! Take a look at the contributions from our members!


2022 Grow Season has started


Music to my ears! The weather is warming up, the birds are a chirping, and the bee's are a buzzing, it is that time of year for those north of the Equator to start cracking those seeds!


Autumn is approaching. The flowering progresses. Harvest the first two branches.


But the opposite is going on for those south of the Equator. As fall approaches, harvest is near!


Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #31


Insects can be a growers worst nightmare. But that isn't always the case. Check out Skylines living soil, and notice how excited he is about his insects.


HashKings: The Water Tower Considerations + My Game Activity / La Water Tower + La Mia Attività di Gioco (ENG/ITA)


A very well detailed post about @hashkings. How cool is it you can play a game, and earn off it? This concept is still blows my mind!


With Distinction.


Please take some time to give a warm congratulations to an old school fellow Blockchainer for his most recent accomplishment!


Purple Lemonade grow week 7


An iffy start has turned into a strong finish. This is one thing about Autos, you look at them the wrong way, they get all funky lol


GOODBUDS - Hash Rosin Review


SKY setting the bar on how to write reviews. This is something I bet 40% of Hivers can do! Lets see what you are smoking on ;)


Making Banana Tea


You do not need to go buy those fancy products they have on the shelves at your local grow shop to grow fire buds!


I almost lost my two plants due to heavy rain


Rain is one of those things that can make or break a farmer. Don't get enough, you are f$%. Get to much, you are f$%....


cheery cheese skunk from sofem genetics


No not an alien abduction, just some old pics from back in the day...


Let's Grow Them Together Update #169 ~ Canopy in first week of flower


Sorry @3speak is acting up right now. But make sure to go give Artisto a follow. This dude grows some of the best genetics out on the market today!


Chubbs Hashkings Guide + WAX NFT airdrop 1st of 3


Some more NFT new from Mr NFT himself! I remember when I was the one who always got that airdrop, but now consider yourself luck to get it! The following Chubb has received has been amazing. Nice work dude!


HEMPireCBD Bulgaria


Bulgaria coming up on the cannabis scene!


Grow Season 2022: Update


It seems Sevenoh's start is going very well! Smash that subscribe button to follow along his 2022 grow journal!


LA Kush Cake Week 7


Hot damn! That is all I can say, hit the link above to see what I mean.


Free Divider (CARTEL, SPT, PIZZA, STARBITS + STARPRO, WEEDCASH) & Template Divider #02


Something that we all should take example from. Ask not what your Tribe can do for you, but what can you do for your Tribe!


Big Mack / Lemon Drop Cookies update


UUUUUU WEEEEEEE! That is classic Big Mack...


Spring Growing [EN/PT-BR]


Some Purple City Genetics as entered the conversation! I have a felling this is going to be a great year ON Chain!


Zkittlez Auto Grow Diary week 2


As his Purple Lemonade finishes, it is off to the next grow. I really love his style ;)


Rocket not for all


I know I talk a lot of shit about legalization, but only to the lawmakers, and how they fuck things up. Stuff like a monthly wax mailed to you? That is a +


Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Season 2 #33 - Black Sugar


Black Sugar, do I need to say more for you to hit the link above?


Tuesday cannabis review what are you smoking?


The Netherlands, home to wooden shoes, seed banks, decriminalized cannabis, and Loonatic!


Grow Update: Grow Room and Gardening


Go on over to Truthabides page, and check out his setup for some pointers on how to get started this season!


Do You Even CBN? Plus Reviews


What if I told you that there was more then just THC to cannabis? WAY MORE....


Oneup Spanish: un error de principiante / a beginner's mistake


Good thing he just got a 1UP, because Happy is going to need it after that joint!


Purple Lemonade is almost ready for harvest


Going to end this up from a fellow grower who has come a long way, and all documented here on the Hive Blockchain. Also with a question to you all.

Does it get any more purple then this?


Well that's a wrap. Thank you to everyone, and if you are not here, just keep on posting. Please if you're posting anything cannabis related, always include the tag cannabis. This is our tag, always has been. I might find your post eventually if you don't use it, but if you do, I will find it right away. Another tag you can use is canna-curate. Another thing you can do to help the Cannabis Community is subscribe to the Weedcash channel on Hive. To help the whole Hive community make sure to go vote for Witnesses. You have 30 votes, use them wisely. Or you can just set us as your proxy. Just go here, scroll to the very bottom and manually type in our name @canna-curate. Well everyone have a safe weekend.





Looking forward to my 5th year of growing cannabis on the blockchain.
Hopefully some big outdoor plants this year, if I can keep the crackheads away from them :P

Yeah, great job everybody.
Should be another great year for cannabis on the Hive blockchain :))

Yeah I think so too!

Oh damn you got those too! Lol put some booby traps. A big rat trap would scare the shit out of someone, that is of your kid won’t be going near it?

Thanks for supporting @canna-curate here's some !1UP.

Great job on the curation! Some great posts here


I really think our community is underrated! Thanks for stopping by, and giving me some 1up love. Glad someone over there appreacites it lol kidding

You community is great and deserves lots of love!

The Cartel wants to also be a encouragement program for the communities we curate. Awarding good posts and conversations/interactions!

We may not know much about weed, but we know a lot about hardworking, helping and awarding :D


You all are testing it up. Lots of respect over here :)

Thank you! it's mutual :)


Someone beat me to it haha!

Nice competition. I am not a grower, but I will keep sharing knowledge about hemp/cannabis.
Next article will be published today or tomorrow about nutrition. I just need a bunch of @Ecency point more to Promote it
here my first two articles

Cool, I’ll make sure to go check them out

Thanks for supporting weed community here's some !1UP.

Another cool collection of posts! Starting to check some of them now!


Thanks for the love!

Dam, we got so many grower I love it. Dbl it this year!

We can only hope!

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That really hit the spot!

Apriciate the shout out I know seems like just yeasterday I couldnt give the Airdrops away now they go in minutes heres a NFD Non Fung Drugs Airdrop.

Hopefully you get to it first there is a NFD pack & an OG Kush NFD here is the link to the NFD game ill have to do a tutorial on this one soon.

Like that old mafia flash game on facebook but in space with cannabis

what a list and what an honor to be listed again. I've never worn wooden shoes. But it is really something Dutch hehe. on to a new week
By the way, I'm going to participate with a few different plants

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