Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking a fatty and talking shit.. mostly about Wells Fargo... they're such a easy target.. especially when they are paying people to open bank accounts there. Don't they know I'll be in next week to close it? Suckers.

Peace out y'all...


Why don't you do TA? You'd probably be better than 90% of the analysts out there. Smoking weed and doing TA, how does that sound?

If by TA you mean Tits and Ass count me in.. if you mean Technical Analysis .. don't listen to me. I'm a dummy..

Challenge accepted. I have no doubts in you!

You are crushing the Mystery shopper malarkey

Gotta make it my bitch..

That mystery shopping would go well with being a nomad. Just work your way across the country getting paid to buy gas and shit.