Just another day..


Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking some weed Allan gifted me.. there's a couple seconds of karaoke.. there's a little relaxing before this day full of mystery shopping begins.. just waiting on it to warm up a bit..



Hopefully you find something nice today while you're out! Smoke a fat one on your way over to shop.

This Allan sounds like a good guy. He lets your stank ass in his house and gives you stank buds? Sign me up for that friendship.

It comes with taking repeated disc golf ass whippings too..

Mornin !WEED

Mornin' mornin' mornin' everybody...


I guess not today...

Gosh, YouTube sucks. Lol

It sucks but at least it works consistantly.

By the way, I love your name. I just started scrapping a month ago. I'm sick right now, but I'm going to follow you. Maybe share some tips every once in a while.

Right on. I am just heading to the shed to strip wire for a few hours.


@loonatic passed you the virtual joint!
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