Karaoke on themorningbowl


Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. it's another chilly morning here in Colorado.. the camera has a mind of it's own.. it certainly surprised me this morning.. today is a rematch on the disc golf course.. there's a little karaoke going on.. and since it's Thursday that means NFL betting lines..


NFL lines..





A total eclipse of the Dave …bowl….

Out doing some work after the morningpint but I will check in later with my awful pick later on.

I'm looking forward to your donation

I will take my Vikings again for 5 Hive!


Vikings -7 for 5 HIVE.. booked

With that sun still cold. That is scary, what if there is no sun at all?

That's a frozen state I guess

We call that fake sun here

That was a good twilight zone! The one where the earth rotates and changes orbit further and further from sun.


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Ravens -3
30 Hive Bet! 👆

All below 5 Hive Each Bet 👇
Rams -5.5
Giants +8
Bills -14
Jets +3
Chargers -2.5
Patriots -3

60 Hive in play total 🏈

Booked. Sucks you're gonna make me root for the other Sleepy Joe

That spread! -3
What am I missing? I think Ravens win by 7 plus easy!

I thought the Mets would win by 7 last night too..

@geneeverett Side bet?

I’m in! How many Hive? Which game?

20 hive I take Green Bay -8.5 you take Giants. I’ll give you extra half point :)
Once you reply it’s booked. I might not be back till game time.


I never bet on my Giants but had a feeling. Made a cash bet off hive also

Well now I’ll prolly loose all my other bets 😂 @davedickeyyall

I bet big..


Moneyline 🙌

The big bucks!

We got a fucking game!

Was gonna say 5 but ok 20 it is!
Last time I bet on my giants anyway!

Random thought, everything goes against me betting on Giants. I’m breaking my rule and Green Bay way better and should win by 20 but I just got a gut feeling they’ll loose by 7 or less. Let’s see how this ages😂

Maybe I’ve just seen so many London games end up 7-3 it’s grained into my brain.

Well GB been looking like ass anyway lately

Oh snap! Bets just got 30% more interesting 🙃


Well that didn’t last

Green Bay for 10 hive
And LA Rams for 10 hive

GB -8 for 10 HIVE
LAR -5½ for 10 HIVE


Screw it I’ll take the NY Jets for 10 hive also.
@davedickeyyall. Sorry I’m late ⏰ let me know.

Good pick

That makes one :(

I figured you had the Rams game too.. that one surprised me. I expected GB to choke..

Rams were a letdown. Whatcha think they’ll do this season? I think they could bounce back.

They have a hard schedule.. they miss the playoffs imo

NYJ +3 for 10 HIVE.