Dave's new ride..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm breaking in the new Jeep I told everyone I was coming to Denver to buy.. I got it for $9800 cash...let's take a peek and see what I bought..

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What a ride! If I was to be the benevolent proprietor of Buttermilk Ranch, I would picture that as the perfect ride. Big clearance, rugged as hell and stylish as fuck.

Congrats my man and enjoy the new toy. What a #hiveslifestyle you live.

Good morning Dave! I just introduced you to all my friends this morning HA HA. I'm hanging out at their place when I turned on The Morning Bowl. A couple of them might join Hive now HA HA.

WOW! What an awesome jeep! Congrats on yer new metal baby!

Nice, nice ride!!!
Red and a beige hard top... neat!!!

congrats on buying it I will buy 4x4 for myself after 2021 and will enjoy some offroad fun

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Growth on steroids 💪

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