White Power... errr... Powder...


Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm back in Colorado.. Denver to be more specific... Old Man Winter had a welcoming gift for me.. plus I've got some new weed I picked up at Strawberry Fields dispensary last night while doing a mystery shop.. let's smoke it and find out if it's any account... if you're already in Denver, be safe out there. Roads are slicker than shit...

Peace out


Hope you're staying safe out there in the cold... My electricity was cut off this week because SOMEONE in my fam forgot to pay the bill. Lol

I can't wait for the snow. So tired of "warm winters". I want damn cold winters and I want my childhood snow back.

"I can't wait for the snow."

I just puked in my mouth

I fucking hate snow.

Cuz you're driving a Kia. Buy a good old American SUV and you'll love it.

My last car was a Jeep... and I still hated snow..


Sure it is good tasting weed but did it get you slimed? I mean high?

I'd only smoke it once if it didn't..