Cannabis Bouquets

Look at these pretty clusters of mature Reclining Buddha cannabis flowers! Having grown 200% organically from seeds right here on the Hive/WeedCash blockchain, they are now within a week of harvest. Please enjoy the images, and trust me, they smell amazing.

Those "colas" (top flowers) aren't thick, but they're healthy and covered in trichomes. My fingers got extremely sticky brushing against them for these photos. Each plant has 4 or 5.

They're tied to each other for a bit of support, but even so, they're starting to lean and drop if I don't watch them. Staking would be good if they were going to be around much longer, but I think I'll just let them lean on the sides of the garden until chop time.

As you can see, I've got 3 beautiful adult females in here. Normally I try for 4-6, but I ended up with a lot of males this time. They had plenty of room to do their thing and I didn't mind either.

I'm not growing for yield anyway - we need about 50 times more cannabis than I can currently grow here - so this is done mostly to prove it can be, and encourage others to get started growing organically. You really don't need anything other than some dirt, seeds, and technique.

A little more time to mature, and then a good cure... these buds will be prime sensimillia in 3 weeks.

I plan to do a final post summarizing the whole grow. It has been a real pleasure showing the world these plants every step of their life, from seed to mature flower!


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Nice work, now you can sit back in the recliner and reminisce from when they where baby’s

Thanks! Yeah it seems like only yesterday. They grow up so fast.

I have the same problem I smoke more than I can and may grow myself. So I also have to make it small to keep it fun. And don't get in trouble. But what I then grow is much better what you can buy. I am also a proponent of organic farming. The only food besides water is just a good lamp. Is what I wanted to prove. And that worked out nicely. now I go for taste and compositions of the earth. I'm still experimenting

Keep experimenting! You're doing awesome. You make great medicine.

It's so nice to see your girls coming along nicely like this. You sure have a touch with the ladies ;)
I'm considering getting another tent and some more lights. It's such an addicting and rewarding hobby.

It's also rewarding to watch along as they grow. :))
Some can't grow right now but live vicariously through others online <3

Thank you for the kind words :D <3
It's a nice feeling to know we can provide this vicarious outlet for others.
I encourage people to break unlawful laws however and come join the fun :)

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Thank you for giving reason for the downvotes.

I'm glad you got my message. Good luck

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the leaves kinda look like black domina :3

Very nice! Good work! I would love to learn to grow this as well! May be soon.