Price of Oil: Crude versus Cannabis

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Crude oil is $41 USD. Here's a 5-minute look around Vancouver at a few other types of oil, how they're made, and some thoughts on why their prices differ so greatly.

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Pit of Hell

@MediKatie and I recorded this video 4 years ago (as episode 6 of Power to the Patients), during the last big crude oil price crash. What's going to happen in 2020, as China's factories and economies around the world grind to a halt?

As for "legalization", which happened in 2018, the legal cannabis oil they offer is even MORE overpriced than that found in the free market, essentially making it THE most expensive oil in Canada - perhaps the world.




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It's really nice getting black market dabs for $30 a gram and less! Fuck the legal regime in Canada... horrible quality, unsafe, and so much more expensive.

Was it 4 years ago already? I miss that dab tool and dab lounge! I can't believe oil is $40 a barrel for crude and $40+ for a gram of cannabis oil.

Imagine having a barrel of high quality clean cannabis oil! You and the rest of Steem would be set 😜

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Hell yeah! And since it's a plant that can be grown, not a non-renewable product from under the ground, it should be CHEAPER than crude!
I want top shelf noids for $41 per barrel :D