Reclining Buddha medicine and seeds photography

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These plants keep growing and getting even more beautiful! My camera can't help itself, and I feel compelled to share the results with my friends on the Hive/WeedCash blockchain. Please enjoy!

Glittering cannabinoid orbs and growing trichome stalks litter the surfaces of this Reclining Buddha virgin female. She's 5 weeks since flipping to 12 hours of darkness (flowering phase), and will remain unpollinated - to produce seedless bud.

Here's the full photo the above thumbnail was taken from:

Another top bud of an unpollinated branch:

And a look at that entire branch, from a low angle:

Check it out! A stray pollen from the male must have found its way to one of the pistils on this lower node! A single seed is forming:

Seeded branches

Over on the pollinated branches, we see clusters of seeds growing in their calyxes, and some fresh pistils hoping for pollen:

Here's an overview of that whole branch - looks like clusters of coconuts!

And the top nug, rounded with seeds, and associated dark pistils:

These 200% organic plants have been grown right here on the blockchain, with updates every few days, showing the entire process. (The previous post is here.)

I decided to zoom in and check the developing trichomes:

I was so enthralled with that little landscape, I made it my first new banner in 2 years.

The trichomes are forming nicely, and are a mix of clear and milky white, as expected. These plants have about a month to go.

Stay tuned for more top shelf cannabis photography. It's about to get frosty!


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The gif adds perspective. <3 Those clusters of seeds look promising! Congratulations, it's a Reclining Buddha!

Great shots! What camera are you using again?

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Thanks, guys!
I got a Canon powershot sd790 in 2008, a big upgrade from the clunky potato-cam I'd been using since 2000. Sleek like a shiny silver deck of cards, fit nicely in my pocket, went with me everywhere! Burning Man 4 times, years of cannabis activism in Vancouver, the birth of my son, and so on. I've replaced parts of it over the years by buying used copies of the same model. But I don't use smart or wifi devices, and all new cameras are smart and/or wifi now. So I just use my 13 year old camera, hand-stabilized, and take several shots so that I get a couple I'm happy with :)

Looking good.

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