Indoor Garden Update - Cannabis, Venus Flytrap, Devil's Ivy

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Hello Everyone,

Today the garden is looking beautiful. I'm not doing much today, I think the plants are ready for LST clips but I'm going to wait another day or so because I'm busy with some other things.

I went for a quick search in the backyard for some bugs. I didn't find much, but did find a few small larva and potato bug creatures that I think were adequate for a small feeding.

Let's have a look at some photos.


The Big Mack Superstar cannabis plants are looking great. The bigger one in this photo is a little droopy because it needed water, but aside from being a little thirsty this morning, it's doing wonderful.


The seedlings are all great except for the Lemon Drip. These won't be seedlings much longer.


I don't like to say these seedlings are screwed, but at this point I have to be realistic about it. I don't think they will recover. @happyfrog420-new and I have been talking about this, as he recently had a seed pop with this similar deformity issue. Once these initial leaves go deformed, it seems the new node growth immediately comes to a halt and the plant is just done..


This is a vine (commonly?) referred to as the "Devil's Ivy", or "Pothos vine".

Thank you @jerrytsuseer for helping me properly identify this plant, he has the same one!

What you're looking at is a clipping from a 3 year old mother plant:


An old woman who was a neighbor that I never met died and left a pot of dirt behind. After her family removed all her property, they took everything but the clay pot left with dirt. I only wanted the pot itself and grabbed it once I knew no one was coming for it. To my surprise this plant sprouted a few weeks later with no watering, and now I feel like she lives in this vine and brings a positive energy into my home.

The clipping will be gifted to a loved one after I'm sure it's rooted good and growing. The planter is 3D printed and my own design :)


Last night I planted peppers, tomatoes, and a smaller sized sunflower hybrid.

Now for the fun part..



I found these small bugs in the backyard and started using these tweezers to feed the Flytraps.


Nope, not today..

This one is too strong and the Flytraps can't hold him, yet... He will crawl around in that prison of a terrarium and might succumb to the carnivorous plants traps eventually...

I think it's a millipede of some sort and his fate doesn't look good. I'll let you know how it works out for him..


I'm pretty sure it's over for this one... I made all the big traps close at this point so I just dropped it down in that Flytrap pit... It seems to want to get away from the small ones and is crawling up. It can only repeat these moves so many times before it tires and (hopefully) lands in a trap.


This one has a plump potato bug of some sort in it. Those style bugs don't stand a chance with their fat profile. Once the Flytrap closes its over..


Some kind of larva went into this one, and I'm pretty sure it's not getting out.

I've never been one to enjoy killing bugs, but Venus Flytraps actually make it kind of enjoyable.

If some unwanted critter comes into my home, we already know where it's going... hehe :D

That's gonna do it for today.


What do you all think of futuremind's indoor garden?
Would you enjoy tweezer feeding the Flytraps too?

I would love to find out in the comments below!

Your time is a valuable commodity, so I keep this in mind when I read your amazing thoughts, and I appreciate all of the wonderful engagement and support. I do my best to respond to everyone and visit the blogs of my supporters too. Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


Hey Jacob, I'm glad I saw this before I fell into a food coma after MY day of yard work (two days actually, gonna try and hold out long enough to fix a proper blog post... did you see the pic I sent you in Discord DM?)
I really didn't know there WAS any other name but Pothos for that vine, and currently I am not sure if I have any... I have a heart shaped vine that my niece says is a type of philodendron (sp?) but yes, I draped it around the window over winter.
Now it is draped over a wooden limb I saved last year for just this purpose
It's not looking very healthy. I've got some English Ivy I'm gonna start in a separate pot to train over that.
In the Air Force, my roomie and I had pet Boa's, kept in an aquarium. (dry of course) when it came feeding time we'd charge 50¢ per head for the guys to come in and watch the snake catch and eat the rat we'd bought for it!
Ah.... those were good times!
Be well my friend


The Pothos and Philodendron are closely related in the Araceae family.

Initially @owasco helped identify that it was this type of vine, and in its early development stages it did resemble a Philodendron a great deal more than a Pothos, but as a fully developed plant now, it's undeniable that it is a Pothos when inspecting photos on the internet.

In the photo you shared, I believe your plants have a war going on at the roots, and one of the plants is clearly winning.. but that vine doesn't die easily, and with your green thumb there is no doubt you will revive it to its full beauty and good health.

In the Air Force, my roomie and I had pet Boa's, kept in an aquarium. (dry of course) when it came feeding time we'd charge 50¢ per head for the guys to come in and watch the snake catch and eat the rat we'd bought for it!

That's a really cool and creative way to cover feeding expenses 😂 and well in line with your creative ingenuity.

I hope you have a beautiful day ahead my friend 🤗

PS. Some interesting information I found:

Philodendrons are an popular container plant that can cause poisoning in humans and pets because of the oxalates they contain. General symptoms of contact dermatitis with the plant juices are erythema (reddening and inflammation of the skin), itchiness. Ingestion will quickly cause painful burning and swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. -source link

😲 I shore t'ain't tinkin' 'bout munchin' on any of dem!
ha ha ha thanks @futuremind

Not sure what that means

Araceae family

I almost thought that's Arcane you wrote, funny me.


Not sure what that means

I curated your comment from one up cartel.

Well, in that case, thank you very much

watch out you don't get eaten by that plant later😁

I was also thinking like that, lol.

Healthy plants and a happy gardener. 🙂


I had an auto go like that, THe black sugar I just pulled off, I let it grow and it almost turned to 2 plants and grew as 2 plants 1 root. I had another one though and yeah was dead in a few days.

The BMAC is looking really well almost flip time?

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I'm pretty sure they are done for :(

I think you read my mind this morning.. I opened the tent and the BMACs are out of control growing huge. I should probably just throw some LSTs on and start the 12 today or tomorrow.

I let it grow and it almost turned to 2 plants and grew as 2 plants 1 root

That sounds good.


Woww @futuremind, this indoor garden of yours is already a success. It seems to be enjoying the atmosphere and you also enjoy having them around. Hehe.

Will there ever be a time when you would have to move them outside? Like, if they grow bigger, would that warrant taking them outside?

Hi @kenechukwu97,
Thank you for the kind words and great question!

What you see at the moment is vegetative stage. This is the time the plant gains its size, and at a certain point the lights will be turned to a 12 hour cycle, which will stop the vegetative growth and induce flowering stage. During flowering stage the plant stops gaining size and uses all its energy for the buds (flowers).

If an indoor cultivator does not account for the stretching that will occur during this shift,(about 1-2 weeks) it may become a problem and either plant trimming, or moving outside (or by a window) will become a necessity.

I need to change the light cycle very soon or I will run out of space like you are thinking!

Have a great day my friend.

at a certain point the lights will be turned to a 12 hour cycle

That's a long time.


The plants are looking good 👍 I need several of those Venus flytraps big enough to eat a lizard..

Thanks man,
I think they might get big enough to eat small lizards.

Apparently they can eat fish..
The majority of the commenters on this video seem to have a serious problem with it, but the traps seem to enjoy eating the fish.
Imagine if these things were pumped up with some kind of steroids..

Yeah I got #grownassman lizards.. they carry mini AKs and shit.. do these come in a bigger planet.. say Jupiter Flytraps lol

I had fun hunting flies on the windows back when I had one of these

This reminded me about the plants vs zombies game. Scary.


It's morbidly satisfying :D

Those are some healthy looking plants.

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Thanks @rentmoney!

I like that gif generator thing, let me try it out and see if it works good for me.

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I just found out there is one for MEMES as well.


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You look more happier then the plants! Hell yeah man