They're ripe for the picking/ A punto de caramelo

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Greetings lovers of cannabis culture. The outdoor season in the northern hemisphere is unfortunately coming to an end. Here it has started to rain and the temperatures have dropped. These girls are on the verge of candy. This weekend, if the weather doesn't improve, I will cut them.

Saludos amantes de la cultura cannábica. La temporada de exterior en el hemisferio Norte lamentablemente va terminando. Aquí ha empezado a llover y han bajado las temperaturas. Estas chicas están a punto de caramelo. Este fin de semana si no mejora el tiempo las cortaré.



I had to cut two plants early for reasons of extreme necessity. Fortunatly, I have been able to leave these ones as long as necessary. They have been flowering for 59 days so far. Almost all the trichomes are white, still a few cinnamon are visible.

Tuve que cortar dos antes de tiempo por motivos de extrema necesidad. Estas las he podido dejar el tiempo necesario. Ahora llevan 59 días de floración. Casi todos los tricomas están blancos, aún se ven pocos canela.





I think I will also cut the seed girl this weekend. Many seeds are breaking the pod and look well formed. I picked up a couple so they didn't fall to the ground. It seems that they are finished making. You can see the difference in how the seed has been maturing.

Creo que también cortaré este fin de semana la chica de las semillas. Muchas semillas están rompiendo la vaina y se ven bien formadas. He cogido un par para que no se cayeran al suelo y he visto que están terminadas de hacer. Se ve la diferencia de como ha ido madurando la semilla.



Thanks for your attention

Gracias por tu atención

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Holy shit!!! Dayyyuuuuum!! So seductive.

This the type of weed I call 'Sexy weeds'.😋 They are so Healthy looking.

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Yeah, a "sexy Weed" and the perfume she wears is very seductive too. It's a sweet and lemony perfume.

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Haha, That's very fantastic. I could see that vision through the moment I saw the texture of that exquisite weed.


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Increibles cogollos, me encanta el tamaño que tienen :D

Pues gracias, pero he visto el que tu tienes en camino y no tiene nada que envidiar.

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Big buds😎 that’s what’s up! Ripe and ready for the pipe;)

Yeah, That's right. That's exactly what I thought when I first had a gaze on'em.

Your vision and sight is top notch, Bro.👊🏻

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Thank you. In the end it will be 90 -95 days for the full cycle. I may still be able to plant another round.

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Great !