Another slight harvest from my little plant and to my surprise I got seeds.

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This time I harvest part of my other small plant to start drying the buds in the open air since the frosty days are coming and I don't want to lose any of my crop. Although the plant is optimal for the final harvest, I cannot do it myself because my daughter demands a lot of time from me to take care of it.

You can see from the photos that it is not a great amount of buds but the smell they have is amazing. I also found seeds for these great buds, which was unexpected for the reason that the plant was never subjected to stress.


In addition to all this, I took advantage of the day to plant one of my plants in the ground that I do not want to grow too much, I had another one but I gave it away because I do not want many plants in my house. Due to the very cold days, I don't think I will have a great harvest this fall, but nothing has been said yet.

Without further ado I show you some photos of my buds after cutting the leaves and also while doing this I took a break to eat and drink a delicious white wine, it is a beautiful job and I love doing this.




Interesting, So you can harvest and plant at the same time? Are your days not to short?

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So you can harvest and plant at the same time? Are your days not to short?

Does it need a lot of times usually?


i would like harvest all the plant in one day but i can not beacause i have a daugther of 3 months, my girlfriend have to work 8 hours per day with rotative turns, literally i don not have enought time :D

It looks healthy.



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