Cut the top of the plant to control its growth

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Good morning to all lovers of cultivation; I'm back with a new article to show that I decided to cut the top off one of my plants because I want to have something to harvest in early January.
While this is a well-known technique to most of this community, it's not something I like to do. Personally, I prefer the plant to grow a lot, but at the same time I want to see buds, so I made the decision and cut the top.


This plant is in a pot with 3 or 4 liters of soil, it is very little to have it outside in late spring, due to the excessive amount of light the plant will grow non-stop and the soil will run out of nutrients, as a result it would have a plant I don't get good buds so this was the best option.





It's good to see you are still doing your thing, looking really good bro!

looks like a great start

Tiene muy buena pinta esa planta. Para poder cosechar antes de tiempo en exterior, tendrías que acortarle las horas de luz tapándola o guardándola en algún lugar oscuro. Podándola no conseguirás que florezca antes. El cannabis es fotoperiódico y rige los ritmos de crecimiento o floración según las horas de luz que reciba.
Buenos humos......

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Por el momento quiero limitar su crecimiento y cuando empiece a florecer la dejare con menos horas de luz, gracias por el consejo hermano :D

Good idea on topping it, it has many training benefits as well

i wanna have some buds before mid of juanary


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