Here I am again, harvesting when I can and cultivating

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As you have already mentioned to some growers and cannabis lovers in this great community, I have a 3-month-old daughter and it is difficult for me to find free time to fully harvest the plant, and my partner cannot help me because he works at "Nestle" with rotating shifts so I'm home alone.
Here is my harvest of the day, I know it should end these days because the frosty days have arrived but I can't complain because the aroma and flavor of these buds is very strong, something I love.


Take advantage of these days that you had a few hours free in the morning to buy pots and soil to germinate more seeds, the seeds that germinate are a gift from @jonyoudyer to the genita of the automatic type, place it in a 10-liter container and it germinates perfectly , the rest are in 3-liter containers for controlled growth.




I don't know what the plants I will have will be like but I am excited because no one had ever given me exotic genetics, I tell you that I took the risk of buying at "AnsterdamMarijuanaSeeds" and I never received my package, I felt cheated and disappointed, even making a claim later 1 year old never arrived. I also live in Argentina, a country full of self-centered and useless tax collectors.

I have another of my plants in the ground growing slowly and since it will produce buds in July with very low temperatures I am forced to control its height, I estimate that the plant will be cut at the top when it is 40 cm tall.



Nice, you just keep popping new seeds. That bottom plant looks super healthy

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Nice! I’m actually smoking on that Sunday driver x slurrycake. It’s a great smoke. Reminds me of wedding cake, but with more vanilla

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