I need some advice on these two little ones

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These two plants that I have are auto and one is older than the other although it is not noticeable in the size. I found out a few days ago that auto-flowering plants should be placed in a large container from the beginning.

At the moment they look pretty good to the naked eye, but sooner or later they will require more land and moving either of them can end in total failure.

My question is: what should I do to get buds from these two? In the container where they are currently. I don't know if it would be good to add chemicals or cut branches so that the plant does not waste energy on more leaves.

The one I have in the black pot is crying out for more soil but it will not survive another change of container because I notice that it is very sensitive. These plants serve as my experience for my next auto seeds.


Cut the bottom of the pot, and then set in dirt. The roots will grow out into the bigger pot.


Seeing how they are autos you can't transplant. Best is get as much light as you can and get a few G's

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They can survive if only they have freedom out of containers to the soil

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Have you tried transplanting them surgically so that there is no disturbing the roots at all? I managed to transplant something I grew from seeds which should not have worked by handling it like dynamite and obsessively concentrating on not moving a spec of soil.

Those tap roots could also shoot down out of the hole into another container of soil and think it is in a bigger pot?

They look pretty good man,
The method I use for transplanting is to ensure the soil is moist, place hand on soil with stalk between ring and middle finger, tip plant upside down, slowly work the plant out of the container.

If done correctly, the roots will not be disturbed very much.

Depending on how developed the root system is, this could go great or not good at all.

Cutting a hole in the bottom and placing current container in bigger pot is might be the safer way to go about this :)

My friend, the problem is that auto plants get too stressed when I move them from a pot.

Can't give advice since I'm a newbie, but what I did with one of my Autos...I transplanted around day 40 from sprout. It was already 3 weeks in flower...I went from 3 gallon to 5 gallon. I tried my best not to damage the roots and sprinkled mycorrhizae "white shark" all around. The plant didn't skip a beat. It actually took-off and corrected some deficiencies.