I took some zoom pictures of my plants and I hope you like them

Today I got up to check the growth of my plants as I do periodically and one of my plants is already suitable for full harvest so I took some photos before starting with the daily harvest, I do not usually harvest the plant completely in a day I do it daily because I don't have much free time.





Here I have some photos that I took quite close up and you can see too well how loaded these buds are. I would like to buy a lens to get much more detailed and sharp photos.






Pues sin lente, en la foto se ven claramente los tricomas. Más quiesiera yo. Feliz cosecha.

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tengo que comprar una lupa para la camara y subire una foto del maximo zoom que es x10

Nice bro! Harvesting is a job, and can be intimidating. But actually doing it gradually is a good idea, because not all flowers are ready to be picked at the same time. For instance when you grow tomatoes you don't pick all the tomatoes when one is ready lol. So I say if you are able to do it gradually, then do it! :)

BTW what Strains are the smaller plants?

good point and example the reals tomatoes have a gold color but here in my city everybody say that the good tomatoe is red, some fruits need more time like the flowers in the bottom. have a nice day bro and i will make a post talking about one of the seeds that you send me :D

Right on can’t wait!

yup good zoom ones

thanks i would like have a lens to upgrade the zoom of my phone camera :D

Very impressive pictures! You weren't joking about your plants being loaded.

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thanks right now i am harvesting all the plant :D