my little plant is blooming very well

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This little girl that I planted in the backyard of my house under the window of my room is growing very well, at first I planted it because I had no hope that I believed it would survive. Now it is a plant with a very intense color.

Although I thought I would have some buds when you see these white hairs, it is not so, it is seen that the plant needs a few more months of maturation to grow more and have an acceptable harvest.

I took these few photos with my cell phone and it does not have a good focus but you can still see the white hairs with the naked eye, if I can get a magnifying glass these days I will take better photos.


it is really blooming very beautifully
and beautiful picture btw

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Looks picture perfect! Well done bro

Buena pinta tiene ese color verde. Parece que empieza a resinar, no?.

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si esta empezando a producir una buena resina y con suerte encontre la formacion de unos cogollos :D

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