My plants continue to grow more and more and the harvest is postponed

Good morning everyone, lately I have not been active at all with the community because I am studying JS programming very intensively and having no previous knowledge makes it much more difficult, but still I never stop supporting my healthy plants.

As you will see in the photos, they are still growing explosively, where one least expects it, it generates more buds and a good amount of trichomes. As soon as I move them with my hand you can appreciate the intense aroma, it is obvious that both plants have a different aroma but what matters is the final flavor.

This time I am going to be able to show off my girls because they will be gigantic, or rather they will have incredible buds. At the moment the intense days of heat and sun help a lot for growth, and the addition of bacteria that I made improved the quality of the soil.


Those are looking great!

Thanks :D

Esas nenas vienen excelentes!! 💚

me sorprendieron mucho ultimamente, ademas siguen creciendo parece no tener fin jajaj

A full 🙌 para cuando pensas cosechar? Porque todavía podés darle de comer engorde de cogos!!💚

les doy melaza una vez a la semana :D

Ahhh buenísimo!!🙌

Conseguís melaza de caña en Argentina? Quiero viajar para allá y tengo amigos que andan en busca de Bio-insumos para Cannabis, si son orgánicos mejor claro, asique si tenes data pasame porfi!! Gracias!!

Compro productos de la marca "Namaste" y son muy buenos y con una cantidad increible de nutrientes

Genial 😁 gracias por la data! Voy a buscarlos!

They really look exquisite!

i think the same :D