I guano get started on my super soil

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This year's outdoor grow has started. I am Putting together a super soil mix with promix hp

Baby bu's organic potting soil that was recently recommended to me..


Worm castings


And lobster compost from coast of Maine


I'm also using some products from "down to Earth "

Adding fish bone meal

A great source of phosphorus and calcium as well as as some nitrogen


Azomite which adds trace minerals


Greensand a marine based sand which contains the mineral glauconite and has been used in farming for hundreds of years


insect frass as a food source for the plants but also had recently read the that the presence of insects frass will cause a plant to automatically start defending itself from various pests ...not sure if that's true or not So I guess we will have to see.


Gypsum which helps to make soil better suited for root growth


Alfalfa meal which is thought to speed up growth and development


And Bat guano for soil conditioning
I will also be using guano throughout the grow as an aerated tea with molasses and added microbes


I will be mixing these items together, let them sit for a week or so to activate and then add to my 20 gallon smart pots....these fabric pots allow for better airflow to the roots and very good drainage


I have 2 tangie plants so far and am hoping to grab a few more plants next week.

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