Grow Update: Day 13

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What's up Weed Nerds? First let me say I am so happy to finally be back contributing to the cannabis tag! It was just way to long. Even though I am not setup like I wanted to be, I am still excited to see what I can do with an AutoFlower on my balcony. My hopes was to get a very small tent, and do 1 or 2 plants. Which in my case is almost the only way I can grow anything decent. More on that later.

It has been 11 days since my last post, and roughly 12-13 days since I started this project. I started off with 4 seeds. 2 White Grape, and 2 Cabernet from BIF Beans. Both where sitting in my fridge maybe close to 2 years now, give or take a few months. I was not sure how they would do since I personally have never cracked any seed I have kept this long. After 48 hours I had 2 sprouts of the WG.

Not wanting to waste any time, I headed to the store, and picked up some ProMix. Since I am dealing with AutoFlowers, I had to keep in mind that these do not like to be transplanted. They are very sensitive to being disturbed, and require uninterruption of their roots if you want to grow a decent plant. My other obstacle I do not have the space since I still have to keep inside until they are strong enough to be left to the elements.

So I decided to go with Jiffy Pots. This way I can still let them be inside on the heat mat, and I can just throw these into a bigger pot when they are ready. A win win! But mind you I am just going with my common sense on this. All I know is they still will be interrupted in some way, being in a smaller pot.

Either way I really do not have a choice, and am going for it anyway. Once I see roots, there is no stopping me! So in the soil the White Grapes go.

Since I no longer have my seed starter tray, with humidity dome I opted to put sandwich baggies over the Jiffy Pots. Also if you have seen my post I did the other day, you would see that I am using a regular ole desk lamp to keep light on my seedlings.

After another 24 hours I saw the WG poking their heads out of the soil. By this time the Cabernet was doing nothing. So I made the call to stop wasting my time, and energy on these 2 seeds. Such a shame because I was really excited for this strain. Oh well, at least I still have White Grape.

So now the weather is getting nicer, I am able to keep the seedling outside under the Sun. This is only for part of the day, and it is getting longer each day. As soon as the evening, and cooler weather comes in, I place them back inside on top of the heat mat, and under the artificial light.

Above shows the progression of growth over the past week. So far, so good. Except the one on the left seems to be a runt. But it is still alive, and growing, so I will let it do it's thing. @derangedvisions told me to let the top dry out, and let the roots dig deeper, which I have been doing. But not letting the top day dry to long. These are still babies, and I am taking extreme care to, well baby them.

So more on what I was saying in the first paragraph about not being to grow anything really decent outdoors. This is due to the fact the sun does not shine in one spot all day at my apartment. Right now the sun is starting to shine around 8Am, and then creeps to the edge of my back patio a little after 9am, which then I have to move the plants. They continue to get sun until 5ish, and at 6 when I get home I have to move them again in a higher spot to get sun till around 7. When Summer comes around it is basically the same thing, but the times are longer, and the area the Sun cover is larger. Never a full days sun. It took me 4 years to figure the pattern out, and basically I am having a coordinated dance with the Sun all season. But I have never tried this with an Auto. This will be interesting to see if I can pull off. Wish me luck!


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indoor or outdoor ?

I’ll do a mix of indoor and outdoor. Definitely will bring it inside at night so the fog will not cause bud rot

Interesting. For dancing with the sun, the wheels are very useful 🐸
They look very nice those little plants.

I once saw a picture where the guy had the pots sitting on top of old lawnmowers. He just had to pull the lawnmowers over the lawn though as the sun slowly set.

Yes, I remember seeing a photo as you say. On top of several lawnmowers.

Good luck bro! I know you will be successful!

Thanks man! But not sure if you saw in the Discord, my youngest son ripped the good seedling out, now Im stuck with the runt lol

Oh no! I didn't see that. Hopefully the runt will bounce back for you. That sucks

Awesome man. Nice to see you growing again. I can’t wait to here how well these do outside. It might motivate me to throw an auto in a pot in my backyard.

You should anyway bro. I think it would do great where you live since it is so dry. Then you definitely get way more sun in your backyard then me. You should just get a raised garden bed so the dogs will be out of reach.

Cutting the bottom off the Jiffy pot with a exacto knife will allow the roots to grow or the bottom uninhibited

That’s a great idea! Thanks

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