Tent Update: Fall In Late Summer


What's up Weed Nerds! Day 53 of flower, and we are now in the ripening stage. One of the Big Macks has been getting plain water the past week, and most likely I will cut tonight to make room for the others, and also restock my medicine cabinet.

Loving the new light! These flowers are the most dense nugs I have grown. I do regret not using a trelis, so many are getting top heavy, and sagging. One was sagging so low, I just went ahead and cut me off a tester nug...

Helena X PBB

I hit all the plants, except the above Big Mack with a Kelp, and molasses based feeding, and will give plain water for the next two weeks. Except it is looking like the Rainbow Chip, and Dirty Little Secret will get one more feeding.

The colas on the Rainbow Chip are chunking up! This is the Seeds I got from Dan of @hashkings. They where very special since his body won them on Instagram. Along with the Dirty Little Secret, they are both from Exotic Genetix, and if you know, then you know. They are responsible for some of the best strains on the market today. Rainbow Chip is a cross of Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip, and the DLS is Donkey Butter x Rainbow Chip. Both are showing to be straight gas! As an OG Kush lover, these are exactly what I look for in a flower.

Helena x PBB

The PBB cross from @bifbeans is another winner in the garden. Sweet gas, with a nutty background. Very earthy. I’ll have more on it after I taste this tester nug in a week or so. The buds are getting dense, and full. The purple hues change tone and contrast each passing day.


F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese

The all star pheno that was monster cropped is starting to do the calico color transition, telling me that it will soon be time to harvest! This plant is such a trip. I will have to pull it out to get better shots, and do a post. This plant deserves that.


This 600 watt LED was used for the whole cycle, and I am happy I spent the $$. It has proven to be a great light. During veg I had it running 300-400 watts, and cranked it up to 480-530 watts for flower. When temperatures drop in winter, I will run this at 600 watts, and see what she can really do. But first I need to focus on my harvest plan. I will set up the old tent, and gradually start taking down what is ready. So stay tuned my friends, it’s about to get Smokey, ;)





Dude, looking good. Can't wait for the weight. If they are dense, you should get a very nice yield. Bravo

Thanks man! Each grow keeps improving. Back in the day I used to grow in a closet with a cheap blurple LED and my yields where so small. Looking back it’s hard to believe I did that lol.

Awesome colors man. I need to look into a light that will fill up my tent as well. These are some great looking buds.

There are some great lights that are getting cheaper. Spider farmer just made a light like this one I have, I think it runs for 700-800$.

Very niiice! How much!? :D

Saggers always get smoked. Just how it is!

So you figure another week or so for most of 'em?

Yeah about week for the Helena x pbb, maybe a week and half for the blue pheno BM, then 3 weeks for the RC and DLS. Already got my eye on some clones from the local nursery:)

Nice! I think I'm about a week behind you this crop, and I'm looking at another couple weeks, so sounds about right. It was fun growing a crop at the same time, we've never synced up before, haha. I think I will do my Steem OG feminized seeds next round, sound fun? I'll probably rest the garden for a week and clean well to make sure the thrips are gone. Then popping feminized beans like crazy! Outside is too smoky to grow food, and my medicine plant out there is struggling. But indoors, I'm happy to keep on growing! After all, they're cleaning my air supply and giving me extra oxygen, that's a good thing.

Right on! And yeah those thrips are pesky little bastards

Jonyoudyer. Que tal amigo estas plantas que tienes pues se ven muy exóticas pues eh probado variadas plantas pero cual es la que funciona porque a mi parecer pues asta un punto nomas eh conocido pero todo los que eh probado me a parecido igual en el volumen del thc.
Espero que entiendas mi pregunta ya que eh visto que cultiva varias plantas exóticas y hermosas

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I have been wanting to see some real grows with newer LED lights. Years back I could never find any that could handle the flowering stage properly. An old rule of thumb for LED and weed, if people cant grow fat tomatoes with the lights, I can't grow fat nugs. Not the same plant, I know. What brand light is this? Or did you say and I missed it? I do that sometimes. Marijuana and all....takes fat puff. Cough cough.

This is a king bright with the newest Samsung 301h diodes, which are currently the best on the market, at least last time I checked a few months ago. It also has OSRAM red diodes, with UV diodes as well. The spectrum is similar to the sun.

I can smell these photos!

LOl, whenever i see someone comment that, it reminds me of a comment made on steem back in the hay days. Someone made the same comment you just did, and got an up vote from dan that was worth around 2 grand!

candy for the eyes

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