The Lone Cannabis Plant Project

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds? 8 days have passed since my last update. There has been some decent growth, nothing to crazy. It may be the approach I am taking. I have decided to throw a clip on, to super Crop it. This way I can have multiple tops without actually topping the plant. If it where I photo I would of just topped it instead. Besides this is just one plant, and I am going to try to have some fun with it.

This is a 3D printed clip for the purpose of Super Cropping. There has been some controversy surrounding this little little piece in the 3D printing community. Someone put the design up for all to use freely, but there were many who took it, and made them with the intent to sale, and make a profit from. I am on the fence about this, and don't really know all that much on this issue. All I know is that this is such a great tool to have when growing cannabis. Especially for the indoor grower.

The way it works is really quite simple. First you find a spot on the plant that you want to bend. I chose to bend below the top node. That way all the bottom nodes will become tops. In order to get your clip on, and a good bend you want to punch the part of the stem to get it pliable. Make sure you plant is also watered before doing this. If it isn't then stems will crack more easier.

When you pinch the stem you want to here a pop sound. Almost sounds like a big pimple popping.

Slip the bottom of the clip on...

Then gently slide the top part of the clip on. If your pinch was good, then your plant will have no problem handling the force.

That's it! All those bottom nodes will now grow to become tops. Also don't worry about the part you just bended down.

It grows back up in no time

In order to help the bottom nodes catch up with the very top one that was just bended, a little bit more tying down may be required.

Twistie ties are great for this! In fact before I knew about the clips, twistie ties where my go to for training my cannabis plants.

So that is the way I have trained this plant so far. I would not advise anyone to neccarlayrt do it the way I have. But this is what works for me, and I have fun doing it. Time will tell to see what becomes of this. Another thing to note is I have also decided to no clipping of the foliage. I am just letting it grow the way it is. I have also not added any fertilizer, besidessome Cal/Mag the other day. Here in about a week I will throw some Bone Meal top dressing on it, and leave it be to do its thing. No sex has shown, which has me thinking it is a female, but that is still up in the air.

This plant stinks! My whole apt smells like skunk when I bring it in at night. I am sure my place reeked even more when I was growing even more, but I was so used to it. Of Course I did have the plants in a tent, with a Carbon filter for the smell. But that only works for when the tent is zipped up. I really wish I had a back yard I can devote a whole garden to. But in the meantime I will do what I can with what little I got:)



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Nice man. Cant wait to see her in bloom.

It's going to be nice to have some fresh herb, even if it is just a little:)

My white widow has cured long enough and it is nice to have a good variety again.

Looks awesome bro! The little plant that could!

I am really surprised after the way of started. Such a trip how things go sometimes.

nice, it will be a mini bomsai of buds :D

your plant looks healthy. 💪

Thanks brother!

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Let's see if we are lucky and it is a female. I thought it was an auto.

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Man I thought it was an auto too. I might be wrong about it. I think at this point it would of flowered already.

Then she still have time to grow. Good luck!

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Nicely executed super crop, those leaves have that healthy green to them.

Might do a light defoliation tonight:)

Looking really good brother!

It's an interesting debate about those clips.

Apparently the guy was successful in cease and desist of all copies, including similar derivatives.

It's such a simple design however that I think a winning argument could be made for derivatives.

Imagine going to a courtroom for plastic plant clips.

There's no law that states I can't print a file that was once freely available and distribute them as gifts.

Thanks dude, and yeah it is pretty crazy. I bet there is a lot of backroom dealing of the people who were selling them before all this craziness.