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What's good Weed Nerds! I am beyond excited for my current breeding project, due to using some elite genetics to make some crosses. For those just tuning in, check out this post here.I know that the seed stock produced are going to make a lot of people very happy. If you have been following along, you would be familiar with The Big Mac, which is the F2 of Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese, but now I have another sucesfull pollination. This one is a BX1, which is a back cross of F2 Mac and Cheese to the F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese.

Action shot

The Mac and Cheese male was chosen due to strong aroma, and the structure. I have never seen a male so bushy and compact! I am expecting to see a great strain for indoor growing with this Bx1.

The Mac and Cheese male, and the two Big Mac females are being grown semi indoor, and outdoor. I set outside during the day, except when it rains I sit by the window. I am not leaving them outside at night because I do not want to take the chance of getting my plants wet. I have to say it is a bit nerve racking with this male in the open like it is. I constantly have to be on my toes to not let any pollen manage to escape. I also make it a point to tend to my other rooms first, and this one last. That way I do not get any pollen on my clothes, or hands/arms. This stuff is weapon grade, no joke.

Pregnant Big Mac

So it is going to be a few weeks until the F2 Big Mac is ready! Beyond stoked for this cross. Right now the buds have a green banana smell to it. Also for it putting most of its energy into making seed, it is still staking those trichomes. I think I will have to press the material after I deseed. Should make a very interesting Rosin.


Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese #2


Next up : decide on which plants that I currently have in flower to pollinate

The list of current females in flower are:

  • Silver Haze
  • Gusher Mintz
  • 2 different phenos of the Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese

Current list of pollen from males:

  • Mac and Cheese #1(The one I found to have a stank to it, and short)
  • Mac and Cheese #2(Also short, but not as a strong of stank to it, and small leaves)
  • 2 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese(Both where almost identical. But the one I used to F2 had that stank to it)


As you can see from the #2 BM female above, she is a strong one. I am debating to hit with the Mac and Cheese male, or to F2 it as well. What ever I produce from the last lot will be limited. The one you choose will be even more limited.

What did he say choose your own strain?

Yes! I said before that I was not going to name a strain after Weedcash, but instead I will let Weedcash name it. All you have to do is look at the list I have of females, and males, then pick what pollen I use to hit a female with. Then once we confirm pollination I will host a name contest here on Weedcash. This strain you all choose will be Weedcash's very own strain dedicated to it. A thank you to @richardcrill for making this place. A way further promote this place outside of the Hive Blockchian. Just like Steem Og, a way to bring us all together. I am sure we all have our differences, there is no doubt about that. But hopefully we can all agree that this place is a great place for cannabis!

#2 and #3 pheno of the BM

Here are the two Silver Haze I had cracked from the 3 seeds @loonatic gave me. They had a rough time in low humidity, but now they are growing very vigorously. Out of all the plants in the tent, besides the White Grape that is in its last 2 weeks of flower, this one reeks the most. It has a very sweet skunky smell to it, and is very inviting.

The Gusher Mintz are the one in the top right, and then middle left. They are also very vigorous, and have grown to be tall and lanky. Possibly due to them being clones, and my limited space in the tent had hindered training.


Here is a photo from the nursery of the same cut my Gusher Mintz came from, to give you a good idea of what I am working with.

How this is going to work

  • The winner will be what ever is decided in the comments, or on Discord
  • The clock is ticking! My window to pollinate is short. I will need an consensus by at least the payout of this on Weedcash, which is 4 days.
  • Try your best to talk about this outside of the chain
  • Lets have some fun!





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If you press seeded bud without getting every single one, are you dabbing hemp oil along with the rosin?
Sometimes those seeds hide and escape detection :D
Good luck with the latest pollination.... life is like a box of chocolates, never know what you're gonna get!

Well you probably would have some rosin that tasted off. Lol

So you going to pick a combo?

True :P
Hmmm I'm not a very good contest enterer... or prize receiver, heheh. Best to save it for somebody else! I wish you good luck with the babies... may you find the next Purple Kush!

Well this contest the whole platform are winners!

That looks like a ton of fun. I can’t wait to start being able to crossbreed plants and create my own strains.

That’s what’s it’s all about bro! Having fun. Thanks for stopping by.

Interesting combo that is, lol. I would love to give that a try, lol.

Hell yeah you will! Which combo would you like to see?

Man, my guilty pleasures being some McDonalds, that Big Mac was sounding really tasty, lol.

Yeap Big Mac is going to be ready in about 2-3 weeks!

Well dam that's quite the project you have been busy with🤣🤣.

To me I would being using the Silver Haze and maxing it with the mac cheese #1. Than it can be called silver mac 🤣

Nice to see a hive and Weedcash strain created by the same guy that gave us steem OG.

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Good choice. I was thinking the Silver Haze as well since that strain was a gift of pure love from @loonatic.

Can’t wait! I know these will be some excellent genetics to get hold of.

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Thanks man! Appreciate the support:)

very nice and
Yes there will be beautiful new varieties. And I will certainly help you with it. Silver mac sounds good to me. can you invite me to discord lost the server lol

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As long as your banana gusher doesn't have any cheese on it! :O

UUUUU, sounds like a combo as well.

Hit the Kushmints with the big mac f2 backcross.

Hey Jon, which of those male and female strains do you like the best when they are mixed together in the bowl of your bong?

Ha! The bmac is really enticing. So far sounds like the Silver Haze x Mac and Cheese is the winner. Really thought more where going to participate, but meh, thats how it goes some times.

Well, I suggest Hazy Cheese if it turns out to be hazy and cheesy, too.

Haze × Mintz.. is that a possibility?

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Unfortunately not. Just the Mac and cheese male, or bmac male.

Mac n Cheese - Big Mac... making me hungry! (not for fast food tho) - Loving the name selection and the evolution of the breeds here. Keep it up home slice. Where is the list of phenos for deciding a new breed name?

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