Bilge Rat(s)

Clickty, Clack, Clickty, Clack, Skritchys Scractch....

Do you use a keyboard, or do you smash a touch screen when you pour your HEART into the picture that you share with this group, and by extension the world.

I myself prefer the Clickty Clack of the keys as I seem to grind my thinking out onto the black field, dark mode as well.

Skrititchy Scratch of that RATS nails on the screen.
Long Press, download, screenshot. What ever ITs preferred form of Theft.
Then quick with a flash @blazinskywalker's years of labor, and heart, just monetized by some slippery SHIT HEEL, to just cut an run. Possibly someone who is embarrassed of their ability to grow a plant, or just a hopeless SHIT BAG that is addicted to admiration, no matter the source. Visa via the ALL MIGHTY "Like" bottom.

Not that I am of any significance here, or anywhere for that matter, other than My home and my Garden, I will only draw attention to the person that is deserving of it.

I do hope @blazinskywalker does decide to frequent our platform and community.
She has an Awesome IG page @blazin_skywalker, stop by and say Hello. She is incredibly friendly even for someone who has had all their hard work stolen and uncredited.

PXL_20210213_184042494.NIGHT 1.jpg
Speaking of Credit where its DUE. Source of my inspiration and the boot in my ass,
MY Beauty
Photographed/Drawn by me, shared here first. Now on a rolling/trimming tray.
Hit me up, I'm sure we can trade a currency of some kind, If you'd like to purchase one.
When I get to the bottom of a tray around here I always end up Grinning soo wide 🤷‍♂
Not much of a self stroker , but Larry OG is a pretty good smoke. Did Good, not too much sugar not too much of anything other than a great flavor.
Was hoping to make it in on a Saturday night for once in a blue moon but I'm just a Sunday kinda guy I guess.


Grow space is just moving right along soooo many bumps just trying to get to spring, so that there is more room to think.


Getting in closer to the JSW, checking on the hairs.


Kinda starting to look like a cannabis leaf huh?


Hard to keep up on every ones individual priorities in such a small space. The sun will hopefully keep popping up everyday so I'm just going to have to deal with it, not all is bad I do have many things to do each day.


I'm gonna keep trying to beat the sun up everyday so the ladies can continue to thrive and shimmer in its light.


So "By George" if shit just wasn't bad enough, looks like all the edit, check if that is good, can I "publish"? is going to have to get another added layer. I'm not super legit so I don't have a copyright lawyer in the pocket put I can watermark the shit out of everything. Might be called for Might not.

I do like this space, however difficult it is to get adjusted to the 5 different keys to do 5 different things. All the different types of ways one can name a crypto coin or blockchain to make another.
Then trade it and make actual currency you can go buy a sack with.
Did that make sense? No? Good that's how every new comer to this, The Hive, feels when they are introduced to the this platform. Convenience is not the name of the game around here. 3 different places you can make a deposit on the chain. What does that even mean?
IG and Twitter have to have an email and password done, talk your shit, shoot you photo, get a heart and on to the next filter.


Working for something Better isn't for everyone, but despite this place being better, we earn for our thoughts and photos and growing adventure here.
Why would This Network regurgitate the same format as them?
I have a slight smattering of my grow that everyone has been part of here on my IG pages, I have 2 @yourdreamshere69 and @knottycannabis_daddy, Twitter @yourdreamshere1, check them out that way I know who you are on that screen.
Lots of talk about blowing up this space an getting further and better engagement, All for it, BUT pouring the nitro nutrients to it may not be the best method.
Organic Quality can not be beat.
All followers I have on all my screens are organic, didn't pay for a one. Like that kitten paying for that attitude adjustment. Paying to up your follower number, which is a popular method over there, aside from ads, they just take money from users to make the follower number larger for you, put you in a better spot on the algorithm.
Seems around here that the better the quality of work the better the payout and follower count, Organic. Do the work, reap the rewards.

Thanks for stopping in.

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.


I wouldn't say you're not significant here. I don't typically promote content if it isn't significant and blockchain worthy. Even if I've known the author 30 years.

Glad you're sticking around. I don't know who the dude is that introduced you to this platform but he must be reeeaaally cool. How much longer we gotta wait until you tell us how you really feel?

That's the @dandays, glad I took your advice. Put my head down to figure it out. Thank you.

Great post man. I really enjoy the way you write. I just followed you so I can keep up with your grows and stories.

I do appreciate that. Thank you I'm learning both as I go along here thanks for the follow. I like your blog as well. Have a good week.

Yay! 🤗
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Yeah I’m still trying to get a grip of what happened, and to even find a second account that steals. There are more. Haven’t busted them yet, but I will.

Posted via

Thank you for putting this on a doing albyou can to keep the shit heels to a minimum, I'm sure the rest of the community will keep a weather eye out as well.

If you find any other accounts stealing content, feel free to let me know as well and I will make sure the accounts get wrecked.

I will let be sure to tag you and @cannacurate in any findings

Definitely a community effort. But the profile of that blazin walker profile fits a few others, they cross post to steem , smoke, and here and use the canna curate tag. They also rarely comment.

I can only imagine they are lurking an skulking around Instagram and Cannabuzz as well.

Probably so. Taking advantage of our excitement for decent cannabis content, but at the same time bad ass growers. At least we thought lol

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Thanks for the share @pancakbukit. Thanks for stopping by.

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