Albino Weed...Maaan

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Got to smoke some Albino weed...

It smoked like wax with a blank taste...

It hit hard right away. I don't now if it was the new set of trichomes, but my forhead like it. You know what I'm talking

Looks like this starin is super sensitive to ligh.

I also smoked some GSC...

I was a cookie monster for like 5 years.

Now, it's all about that Runts and Cake.

Peace, thanks.


That albino weed is cool looking. It must be some kind of genetic deformity, but as long as it hits the forehead good, that's all that matters ;D

Lol, facts. Thanks.

Albino weed? First time learning about it. 🙂


Yea, look it up. It looks pretty while it grows.

Albino weed? I haven't seen that before. How?

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I think the strain is sensitive to light so it's like light burn.

How did it get to make buds if it's light sensitive? That's crazy. I think it looks great, but if I don't see it I don't believe it. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen it before.

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I heard about it but never seen it 'till yesterday.

Very interesting.

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Dang, that Albino stuff looks cool!

Yea, it sure does. I would love to grow one. Thanks.

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OH man better check in with us tomorrow to let us know your ok, lol! That's crazy. I was a cookie monster too for a while, actually would not mind some good cookies about now, that shit is bringing back memories, and not the albino stuff, haha

Yea, I still can't find the stuff I smoked back in the day. I got all of them posted as @armen. There was this batch I had that was very good quality. Haven't see anything like that for a while. It was the small dense nuggs that were purple and golden stigmas.

Its crazy how much good weed was around in the day. #respecttheeldercuts


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