Jungle Boys and Monster Clones - Trimming and Weight Part One

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Hi Everbody, (Simpsons: Dr. Voice)

The grass is dry and I spent all last night trimming and smoking. I went to bed right before the "Morning Bowl" post...that's how long trimming took and I'm still not done.

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I trimmed the Jungle Boys and one of my Monster Clones...

Jungle Boys, LA Kush Cake

The Jungle Boys: 4 plants, less than a 100g. I rushed the Jungle Boys while going to flower so I was left with very small plants. The goal for the Jungle Boys was to get the best out of the bunch, so I am keeping one as a mother for clones as this was the clear winner: Didn't herm, has the best smell and is taller than the other 3 plants.

Purple OG Kush, Bag Seed Monster Clones

The monster are half way trimmed. I trimmed 4 plants out of 6 plants. Two of the biggest plants left to finish. I will finish-up tonight.

The taste and smoke are at about 70%, I will continue to cure for the next month to getter better taste. The OG is some gas-dank and the Jungle Boys are small bangers, they have a very heavy hit with a taste I can only describe as melon. In flower they smelled more like grape, but the tast is just like melon.


Jungle Boys - 4 plants-100g
Monster - 4 plants - 230g

I will do part two tomorrow for final weight.


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