Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F2 Grow - Day 9 of flower

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Hi All,

It's day 9 of flower in the Runtz and Mac grow.

Check-Out the clip.

Banana Punch Mac & Cheese

The Mac is very healthy and getting ready to take-off. My goal with this strain is to pick-out the best pheno and reveg.

Bubble Gum Runtz

The Runz have been quiet. Just steady flowing. Not sure if they are going to looks like they are going to stay short, but stacked...

The Herm is taking over the tent. I got the mom back in flower and she huge and tree-like.

I can catch some shade under this tree...
Purple OG Kush

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That tent is stacked to the walls lol

Trying to get 1.5G per watt.

Phenomenal job man here is a vote for me and my curation drill really appreciate your quality content.

Quality content is very subjective however to me this is extremely high quality content because not only is it original but because it is also from an amazing person!

Here is my sincere blessing for the greatest success to you and your account!


Thanks bro, love your dog pics.

Brutalica 🔥👌

Armen getting his Mack on! Yeeeee

Lol, Mac'in ain't easy...somebody got to do it.

Fuck yeah that’s the spirit!