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Canna this post is awsome, great inclusion of awsome grow posts and more. Keep on man. If I had the option of going back to the "buds in jar" days medical only, I would. Shit is way to expensive; I got an eight of some Doja Brand RS11 for 75 dollars way too high for weed that's going to be finished in less than a day. THC at 32% which was great, but the terps were not to my standards. I regreat everytime I pay more than 40 bucks for an eight.


OH man I hear that! Never in my life would I ever think there would be 80$ 1/8ths, but shit ive seen 100! Club said, oh but if you come in during happy hour you can get it for 80. Screw that. Then don't get me started on the freeze cured bud, total garbage! But these growers are just trying to save $$, because the state taxes them up the ass. Then not to mention the price of rent.

You ever tried Pacific Stone? It's 45$ for 7 grams. The Wedding Cake is the one I always get. Its good weed with no bullshit shebang.

Sounds familiar. I have had La made, not exactly cheap, but I believe I paid 40$, and it was some fire! I actually was getting some local greenhouse grown wedding cake for 80$ an oz. A little stemy, but the terps where just phenomenal.

I cant find wendding cake that tastes like the ones from 4 years ago.