Shit I should of done a guess the weight to add some excitement. I’ll do one soon, this one is 3.2 if I recall. I’ll weigh it again I’m a bit.

Oh yea. I was way

Last night I thought I was done trimming the first plant, and ended up with about 58 grams, was just a little bummed because I was thinking more, but when I went back upstairs I found the other half of the plant! Lol so I’ll resume again tonight, god I am a snail when it comes to trimming.

Lol, I just finished. I got 30 grams left. I need to get over my rookie habits of picking-off buds while they dry. I think over all I got like 60-70 grams. Ima do post soon.

Nothing wrong with that, got to smoke right? Lol and dude I love the buzz of freshly dried weed, and if you can press that I bet the buzz from that rosin is amazing!

Yea, it is. I need to buy a press.