2nd tent, 2nd grow starting.

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Hello everyone, my second grow ever, this time doing a soil based grow with supersoil. Popping 2 rocbudinc Purple Roc Berry Auto X's, and Brother's in Farms White Martian F1s. The White Martians seem to be having a little trouble germinating, so popping some White Grape F2 as a contingency. The rocbuds have popped tails already and are in soil waiting to crack above ground. Super excited to try something new with the all organic supersoil route, and will pose new challenges/issues from DWC.

image0 (1).jpg


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Looking great bro! Welcome to Weedcash. Super stoked to have another grower.

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Welcome to Weedcash, Great to see another supersoil grower, Feel free to ask I have switched to supersoil my self almost a year ago now and have loved the learning and the grows are better IMO 😁

welcome to weedcash🙌👍 nice setup

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Welcome to Weedcash! We are a small but growing community. Excited to see your grow. I love those pots, what brand are they?

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they're rainscience grow bags! https://rainsciencegrowbags.com/ scored them with a 10% off with rocbudinc

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I like the brothersinfarms brandname, the last people who should be given credit for good cannabis are theologians.

They sat there and watched the CIA used their laws to make cannabis illegal...

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Yeah, the branding is on point, and honestly it's a great core group of breeders/growers that put out really good genetics. The white grape from my last run frosted up really well. Always will be a spot for the brothers in my tent.

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What is supersoil?