police were at my door😕😋

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that's just my luck. Once again I was awakened by renovations in the street. And when there was another work bus in my driveway. Was that the last straw. And I went out to say something. I was half ignored. Which made me really pissed off. to which I said I would do something to him next time. With a knife I had said in my anger. So I had run off and a little later I was called by the police. That I had made death threats. No report had been filed, but I had to come and make eccuses. And I did. And that man also said that wherever that bus is packed, people are complaining. I made my ecusses for the threats and I gave them a pack of biscuits to go with the coffee. But I have something every day. LOL
Fortunately it has now been resolved. and that the police never came for my weed. Makes me happy too.


I joined a gym today. Tomorrow I'm going to work there with a buddy on a healthier life. Better condition, build it up slowly. I also went to the dentist yesterday. I hadn't done that in 2 years. due to lockdown. And I also have a fear of it. But it was okay. I am very busy working on myself. To have a little energy again to do fun things again. And I can only change that for myself. For the rest for today, chilling is on the program


I wish everyone the best. and until the next post. greetings Loonatic®

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That’s a relief! This place would be a big ghost town without you

😄 I'm still here for now lol 🤗

Eh, shit happens, things get said out of anger. Good thing nothing bad happened.

lol Yes luckily everything went well. And I was wrong about threatening. But he was also wrong with his car lol. There is enough misery in the world already. And you have to get over these little things. Hopefully the rest of the week can be a little quieter

Man you are lucky that they didn't show up with search warrant for knife. Then you would be really busted :D We are all different but I really don't understand why those things bore you? With some little papers you can accomplish that small things doesn't matters. Once again buy a lowbudget airplane ticket you will be happy after :)
HEh I am so lucky that I hadn't visit dentist for so many years that I forgot the feeling but luckely I have almost all my original theets.And best thing is that I never was afraid, maybe becouse I had no reason for visiting them :D

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I used to have a dentist who was an executioner. When he retired, I got a really pretty lady as my dentist. My pain threshold went straight into god mode. and is it important your teeth

You saved your precious weed after all lol!

Yes, luckily they came for something else. But again a good lesson that I can best keep myself calm

hahahahha the business is to smoke this to relax! 🌲

😁I know ✌

good thing u still got your flower

I'm glad everything was resolved peacefully.

A pissed off Taurus is never a good thing.

I'm so bad at injustice. But if I was wrong myself, I'll admit it